Gerber Products Company is teaming up with actress Alison Sweeney to help educate moms about toddler nutrition. Sweeney, mother of two-year-old son Ben, is the new host of the NBC's hit reality show The Biggest Loser and well-known for her Emmy Award-winning role as Sami Brady on the network's daytime drama Days of our Lives.

"When Gerber shared its findings from a recent survey of moms, I was shocked to learn that many toddlers weren't getting the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in a day," Ms. Sweeney said. "As the mother of a two- year-old, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to talk to parents about how they can positively affect their toddlers' eating habits, which may impact the food choices they make as adults."

The survey, conducted by Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates and commissioned by Gerber, found that many mothers of toddlers lack basic nutritional knowledge, such as the USDA recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables per day and the amount of calories they should feed their toddlers per day.

According to the findings:

-- 50 percent of moms report serving vegetables to their toddlers only once a day or less, far lower than the recommended 3 servings of vegetables per day as outlined by the USDA.

-- 43 percent of moms say they serve fruits to their toddler only once a day or less, far lower than the recommended 2-3 servings of fruits per day as outlined by the USDA.

-- 63 percent of moms did not know that the average 9-24-month old needs approximately 1,000 calories a day - about half as much as the average adult.