Here’s what is sad to me.  After years of waiting to support a person who I legitimately desired to win American Idol (yay Candice Glover), the bottom seemed to completely fall out from underneath the show the season it occurred.  The judging panel was a hot mess, the talent was also questionable (particularly them boys), and everything seemed to overshadow some exceptional talent, particularly within the top three.

Initially, the winner’s album was scheduled overconfidently early during the summer of 2013, something that seemed like a mistake in itself.  Thankfully, for the sake of Candice to have any chance, her album Music Speaks was shifted to the fall.  The pros of that move was more time to produce something of quality that would overshadow the aging juggernaut that launched her and perhaps establish herself as a true artist.  The cons? The fourth quarter is a savage beast… change that to another five-letter word.  It’s highly doubtful that an R&B idol winner, no matter how skilled, would’ve easily found herself in the territory of obscurity.

Again, Glover was saved from some of the worst timing I’ve seen from an Idol winner.  Basically, it seems that American Idol certainly didn’t want another Lee DeWyze or Kris Allen type, commercially speaking.  Now, according to,  Candice’s ‘anticipated’ debut won’t arrive until 2014, which is definitely an unorthodox move.  Like the previous dates I’ve discussed, and as my girl Fantasia sings on her song “Ain’t All Bad”, it truly “ain’t all bad”.  On the positive side, Candice can separate herself from the Idol machine some and perhaps her debut will be of upmost quality and won’t have to be centered around underrated single “I Am Beautiful”.  The cons are, however, Glover has waited too long and that little support she received from being an ‘R&B idol winner’ wanes upon her debut’s release meaning LOW sales regardless.

How do I think Candice will fare? As I’ve always stated, she faces and uphill battle.  Yet another album release date rarely bodes well.  It takes away from excitement generally and often suffers so-so promotion after a certain period time has passed in which the late-bowing album should’ve already been rolled out.  Maybe Glover’s debut is the rare exception (I hope for her sake), but I’m not convinced.