Alanis Morissette has admitted she became very "angry" after getting breasts. The Canadian rocker says she was a complete tomboy growing up and was left unhappy after her chest developed when she reached puberty.

She said: "Looking back, it was quite hard, because there's no greater indicator that you can't just hang out with boys for the rest of your life than when you grow breasts. I was angry about it. It all exploded in a mtorrent of femininity as a teenager, for which I apologize."

Meanwhile, Alanis is to take to the London stage in a new theater production. The award-winning singer is set to star as death row survivor Sunny Jacobs in a production of The Exonerated - about six people sentenced to death for crimes they didn't commit.

She said: "I feel very aligned with my character and uplifted by her courage and faith. Her ability to remain in a place of love is a guiding force for me."

Alanis - who lives with actor boyfriend Ryan Reynolds, who starred in Blade: Trinity - has previously performed in The Vagina Monologues and played God in the Hollywood film Dogma. The 31-year-old will share the stage, in May, with British Pirates of the Caribbean actor Mackenzie Crook.