Bam Margera had to have his luxurious rings cuts from his fingers after injuring himself in a "fist fight" in Europe.

The Jackass star has posted a video online showing him visiting a blacksmith in Estonia after allegedly becoming involved in an altercation with a taxi driver which left his fingers swollen and his rings cutting into his skin.
Speaking into the camera before the removal, the 33 year-old performer said, "I got into a fist fight with a taxi driver in (Estonia) and now, by punching them, it's smushed the ring into my finger, cutting all of it, almost to the bone. And this (other) one is so f**king puffy and swollen because it's smushed together... so it won't budge. So now we're at a blacksmith to cut these f**kers off and I hope he doesn't cut my fingers off."

The video then shows Margera putting his fingers in a clamp, while a blacksmith uses a bolt cutter to remove the jewelry.

After having the rings cut off, Margera took a picture of his bloodied fingers and posted it on his page.