According to, American Idol finalists Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are planning to collaborate on a song writing project.

The two are going to be spending a lot of time together as they travel around the country on the American Idol tour. Adam tells the website, "It could happen, Maybe we'll write a song on the road." And Kris adds, "We have to figure it out, but yeah, we should do it."

The two were also questioned about they're budding friendship and both were amused when Kris was asked if Adam is his "closest gay" friend. He replied, "As much time as we spend tighter, I would probably say so."

Lambert then answered back, "He's definitely becoming my closest straight friend," and he added "that's something I am trying to get across that it doesn't frickin matter."

He continued "That's what's wrong with the world, why can't everyone just get along?"

Image © Fox Broadcasting

Story by Max Fischer
Starpulse contributing writer