While TV gives us one reality program after another, there are quite a few talented thespians that seem to be out of a job. Here's a list of TV actors we want to return to the small screen:

Lauren Graham

Let's be honest: she was the real star on Gilmore Girls. Rory's constant whining started getting tiresome around the third episode. And yes, we all had an opinion on the "Dean or Jess" question, but the real issue was when Lorelai and Luke would eventually get together. In the course of the show Graham defined the character of Lorelai and revealed herself to be a radiant, gifted actress. We would like to see her do that again. And again.

Tyne Daly

She was a supporting character on "Judging Amy" and made Amy's mother the secret star of the show. Her struggle with her often depressing job as a social worker, her striving to keep the family together, and her search for love at an age at which most people have given up made you root for her. Of course, Tyne Daly has been a TV fixture for much longer, ever since she starred in "Cagney & Lacey", and hasn't lost any of her charms. That's pretty rare - so take advantage of it and cast her, TV producers!

Gregory Itzin

Remember the 5th season of "24?" Itzin played - spoiler alert! - the goofball-turned-terrorist associate President of the United States and made for one of the biggest cliffhangers of the season. You had to hate him, but you also felt a bit sorry for him because he seemed to have gotten himself into a really bad situation without meaning to. Okay, he was also an unbearable sleazeball - and Itzin pulled that one off perfectly.

Topher Grace

He was the adorable lead on "That 70s Show", the lone voice of reason in an insane world. Then followed a few movies ("In Good Company", "Spider-man") in which he was equally adorable (okay, not so much when he mutated in "Spider-man"). But no one can pull off the cuddle-worthy loser as well as he does.

Katie Holmes

Just forget about all the Tom Cruise-marrying, Scientology-joining and Victoria Beckham-befriending; Katie was disarmingly sweet on "Dawson's Creek" and impressed viewers in her "Eli Stone" cameo. And if Mr. Cruise doesn't allow her to be a bigger movie star than himself, maybe he'd at least allow her to be in a decent TV show?

Story by Johanna Schonfeld
Starpulse contributing writer