An array of sights and sounds for six-string aficionados will be seen and heard throughout the summer as guitar virtuoso and Grammy® Award nominee Tommy Emmanuel c.g.p. gives fans a double dose of his distinguished guitar styling. First his DVD release, Live At Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat, Australia, will come out July 11, followed by his sixth U.S. album, The Mystery, which will be released August 22. Both are on the Favored Nations Acoustic label, which is co-owned by renowned guitarist Steve Vai. Fans will also be treated to his magnificent guitar work as he performs live as part of an extensive tour kicking off June 6.

A finger style guitarist inspired by the legendary Chet Atkins (who became one of Emmanuel's biggest fans, called him "one of the greatest players on the planet" and gave him the title c.g.p.-certified guitar player), he can simultaneously play multiple parts, much like a pianist does with his left and right hands. But his astounding technique isn't just for show; Emmanuel uses it to organically blend folk, country, jazz, and other influences in his highly personal, emotive compositions.

He's no stranger to awards and high accolades. Emmanuel recorded with Chet Atkins on 1997's Grammy-nominated album The Day Finger Pickers Took Over The World, and he's had the honor of performing alongside such other living legends as Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, Stevie Wonder, and Les Paul. He has also garnered 2 Aria Awards (Australia's version of the Grammy Awards) for "Best Adult Contemporary Album," he's earned four Platinum and Gold albums in his homeland, he's also been called one of the "Top 3 Guitarists of All Time" according to a reader's poll in Acoustic Guitar magazine and in 2005, he received the "Album of the Year" and "Thumb Picker of the Year" awards as well as an induction into the Thumb Pickers Hall Of Fame in Kentucky.

Live At Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat, Australia [DVD] - Available Now
The Mystery [CD] - Available August 22