AC/DC fans from around the world are gathering in Perth, Australia for a planned tribute to former lead singer Bon Scott 30 years after his death. Scott died of acute alcohol poisoning on February 19th 1980 after he passed out following a night of heavy drinking in a London nightclub. He was aged 33.

The group considered disbanding but signed current frontman Brian Johnson as Scott's replacement - and Johnson has been adamant a music tribute will be in place to mark the memory of his predecessor.

Last month, he told New Zealand rock radio station Voxy, "We're trying to think of something to do that's not morbid. We hate it when people try to use the anniversary as a sensation-seeking thing, so we want it to be respectful. His two nephews and his brother will be in Perth, and we'll see his mum. I'm sure the fans will be out in force with Bon paraphernalia and we welcome that because he's still a part of the band, he's still a part of us."

Australia's reports fans are now flocking to the city to pay their respects to Scott at his grave in Fremantle, near Perth, to mark the anniversary of the former frontman's death.

Fans will reportedly be allowed to have pictures taken with Scott's statue in Fishing Boat Harbor on Friday.

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