To keep Lost fans enticed until the second half of the season premieres in February 2007, ABC and will feature "Lost Moments." Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 15, the first "Lost Moment" will premiere randomly during the new drama Day Break. Comprised of 30 seconds of never-before-seen footage of upcoming episodes, there will be a total of 12 "Lost Moments," one during each airing of "Day Break." After "Day Break" the "Lost Moments" will be available on

Do you think you know how Locke ended up in a wheelchair? Will Sawyer be killed? Did Walt and Michael make it off the island? Now you and other fans of "Lost" can help create the ultimate "Lost" wiki with discussions on the latest episode, updates about season three or discussions about the previous seasons; definitions; mythology; message boards; profiles of the characters and how they're connected; and even haiku! The "Lost" wiki is hosted and powered by Wetpaint.

Also recently added to the Lost site on are the already popular "Lost" theories board and weekly audio podcasts and regular video podcasts. All six complete episodes from season three will remain on the site available to viewers for free, to keep fans connected and allow new viewers to get caught up for the second half of the season.