Film composer Aaron Zigman scores 20th Century Fox's remake of the 1943 family western "My Friend Flicka." The modern version, with its title shortened to "Flicka," stars Alison Lohman and country music superstar Tim McGraw as daughter and father. When the father (McGraw) decides that Katie (Lohman) should attend college in place of running the family ranch, she decides to tame a wild mustang in order to sway his opinion. Zigman's score is rousing and propulsive, reminiscent of the dynamic scores of golden-era westerns such as "The Magnificent Seven." Directed by Michael Mayer ("A Home at the End of the World"), the film will be released October 20th by Fox.

"Flicka" will be the latest addition to Zigman's diverse list of production and scoring credits. As a classically trained pianist, Zigman developed a strong musical foundation early in life, allowing him to work on everything from popular music to orchestral concert works. He began his musical career as a producer and arranger for notable popular music stars including Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Tina Turner, Carly Simon, Christina Aguilera and Seal. His numerous symphonic pieces include a 35 minute-long tone poem divided into five movements, written as a tribute to former Israeli Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin, and "Impressions," a suite for a wind ensemble.

Expanding his repertoire to include film, Zigman began to arrange and orchestrate for feature films such as "Mulan," "The Birdcage," "Licensed to Kill" and "Pocahontas." His work garnered the attention of director Nick Cassavetes, for whom he completed his first feature film score for "John Q.," starring Denzel Washington. The two soon collaborated again on the box-office hit "The Notebook."

Having established his name in film composing, Zigman went on to write the scores for "The Wendell Baker Story," the directorial debut of Andrew Wilson and Luke Wilson, "Raise Your Voice," a vehicle for pop superstar Hilary Duff, "ATL," with rappers T.I. and Big Boi, and "Take the Lead," the music-intensive dance drama starring Antonio Banderas. Also this year, he wrote the scores for "Akeelah and the Bee," the critically-acclaimed film with Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett, and the smash hit "Step Up."

Zigman's upcoming projects include "10th and Wolf," a gangster film starring Giovanni Ribisi, James Marsden, and Brad Renfro, and the much anticipated "Alpha Dog," his latest collaboration with director Nick Cassavetes.

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