Why is it that outlandish celebrities have a need for outlandish pets? Many stars have critters that serve as an extension of their personality, and quite a few have gathered the attention of the press.

Michael Jackson sets the bar with his Neverland Ranch "zoo" featuring snakes, camels, and giraffes among other animals. However, Jackson got the most attention for his long-time companion Bubbles. He had the chimp for around 20 years, and would bring Bubbles along for studio sessions and photo shoots.

Nicolas Cage owned a pair of poisonous cobras in his home - until he mentioned them during an interview. Appalled, his neighbors threatened to sue them out of fear that the snakes got loose. Cage gave the snakes to a local zoo.

Appropriately, Kristen Stewart has some experience with wolves. Her mother raises wolf hybrids, and the Twilight star insists they are "really sweet."

The tiger scenes in Hangover are based in reality - pugilist Mike Tyson owned a white tiger during the height of career, one of many egregious uses of his money before he lost it all.

Other amusing animal friends include Leonardo DiCaprio's tortoise, who could outlive him; Rupert Grint's teacup pig; and Hugh Hefner has a zoo at the Playboy mansion featuring spider monkeys and flamingos.

Finally, Paris Hilton has a herd of dogs, but remember her kinkajou? The South American raccoon-ish animal was taken away from her since it is illegal to own one in California - but not before it bit Paris and sent her to the hospital.

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