There are few science fiction horror franchises as popular and well known as the Predator series. It came out only a year after James Cameron's equally well received series Aliens began, and the two franchises inspired dozens of films, TV shows, comic books, and horror novels afterward. Man vs. the wild became man vs. an alien creature, and the predator specifically is one of the most terrifying monsters to ever cross the big screen. Intelligent, powerful, and stealthy, the Predator hunts down humans or aliens alike and killing them with a single minded intensity. decided to take a look at this long lasting franchise and see what's up ahead for Predator fans to get excited about!

Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the original movie as the leader of a special forces unit. He desperately tries to keep his troops and himself safe from the vicious creature killing them one by one. The Predator is fast, strong, and has special abilities like turning itself invisible or watching its prey with thermal imaging. The most interesting detail about the Predator is that it has a sense of honor; it challenges Dutch to hand-to-hand combat and will not harm an unarmed enemy. The movie was a worldwide box office hit and had a sequel starring Danny Glover. For years the franchise was quiet in movies until a surprising partnership was made with the Aliens creators. In 2004 Aliens vs. Predator came out and made almost 200 million dollars worldwide. Clearly that was a match made in heaven!

This year in particular is an exciting one for Predator fans, because not only did a great Aliens vs Predator video game get released a few months ago, but they have a brand new film to look forward to in July. The video game allowed players to see through the eyes of an alien, a predator, or a human facing both species. It is a first person shooter and features three unique campaigns and a terrific online multiplayer. The game is out on Xbox 360, PC, and Playstation 3, and anyone who loves either (or both) franchises should definitely check it out.

The movie Predators comes out on July 9th and stars Oscar winner Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, and Laurence Fishburne. Instead of a group of humans becoming victim accidentally to a horrible creature, this plot involves a handful of humans who are intentionally kidnapped by the Predators as bait for their new breed of hunters. The Predators want to study how the humans managed to kill one of their own, and these people are one of their study groups, basically. The humans are all killers or dangerous fighters who will actually stand a chance against the Predators. Brody plays the mercenary Royce, the impromptu leader of the humans, and together they must try to find a way to survive.  Produced by Robert Rodriguez and with a fairly strong cast, the movie could very well bring the individual franchise of the Predator back in a massive way. Take a look at the trailer below and get excited!

Also to keep an eye out for is a 4-part tie-in comic book being put out by Dark Horse Comics. It will be a prequel to the movie and will give readers an idea of what to expect before they go into the theater. It's being released on June 9th and is about a group of Navy SEALS taken by the Predators. For all you toy collectors out there, the franchise will definitely be coming out with more toys based on the new movie. Toy Fair 2010 showed off a few of the new models

It looks like 2010 is a good year for fans of the Predator, and there is no doubt the vicious - but honorable - beast will be around for many years to come. And Alien lovers, don't get too discouraged, there are those wonderful rumors about Ridley Scott directing an upcoming Alien prequel. It may even be in 3-D!  Until then you can always play the Aliens vs Predator game and enjoy the many comics and novels out there.