This week on "Prison Break," the gang finally was subject to a long-expected (at least by viewers) betrayal by computer wunderkind/all around dirtbag Roland. While this plot development was hardly a twist, there were enough interesting tidbits, plot developments and action to keep things rolling and provide us loyal viewers with another exciting installment.

Those were the days…

We start off this week with an exciting flashback from Lincoln's past, back in his days of depravity. Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and his companion have a job to do, and it involves brute force (hence why Linc the Sink is involved) and guns. They need to procure a briefcase, and their brilliant plan is to crash their car into the car containing the briefcase, shoot the men inside, and run off with said briefcase. It worked.

So what exactly is the point of this little scene, other than to remind us that although Lincoln might have been framed for murder prior to season one, he was hardly a saint in his past life? The point is this: the gang has no idea how to get their hands on The General's (Leon Russom) card now that Roland has lost their card-copier, and so Lincoln suggests using the old car crashing technique. For some reason, everyone else thinks this is a good idea.

One of you will betray me

The main reason why the gang has resorted to crazy ideas involving automobile destruction is because Roland lost the card-copier in Vegas. The mission had been a success, the fifth card had been copied, but Roland decided to hang around and use the device in order to cheat at the slots. He was eventually caught and the copier was confiscated. Upon his return to the warehouse, he was chastised and otherwise verbally abused by pretty much everyone. In a nice homage to his past life, Bellick (Wade Williams) suggests a blanket party (when a bunch of prison guards throws a blanket over an inmate and beats him senseless). Finally, Michael (Wentworth Miller) scolds Roland and sends him to his room. Without dinner.

Roland, who had previously stolen the phone that Mahone (William Fichtner) had used to talk to Termie (Cress Williams), decides to exact his revenge for the harsh language and sell out the others. He sends Termie a text message telling him that he will provide the location of Michael and Lincoln. Termie, who is seen sitting on his bed and playing with his gun (naturally) when his phone beeps, is intrigued by the message. One would think that he would be more than intrigued, that he would perhaps be overjoyed, but one has to remember that emotion is not part of his programming. Side note: has anyone noticed the clanging noise that sounds every time Termie is in a scene? It's not exactly theme music, but it is damn close.

So, oblivious to the fact that Roland has a blossoming bromance with Termie, the gang goes ahead with their plan to ambush The General's car. Bellick pulls aside his BFF of the year Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), and says that he has a bad feeling about things, and that if he doesn't make it he wants Sucre to call his mom. "Prison Break," of course, does not ever follow up on foreshadowing this blatant, and so we can be fairly confident that Bellick will survive the day. Just as Lincoln and Sucre are about to drive into The Big G's van, Termie appears out of nowhere and starts firing into the car, hitting Sucre, but not killing anybody. Apparently Termie's kryptonite is a series regular.

Before any further talk about the episode's A plot, let's check in on Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) and T-Bag (Robert Knepper), shall we?

Checking in on Gretchen and T-Bag

Since Gretchen possesses the vital pages of the bird book that Michael and friends need in order to locate Scylla, she and T-Bag are officially inducted into the cool kids group by Agent Self (Michael Rapaport). Gretchen tries to make nice with Michael, and even goes so far as to have a one-on-one meeting with Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) in order to make amends for torturing her. She actually gives Sara five minutes to add as many scars to her back as possible (and Gretchen already has quite a few of those) as retribution, although Sara declines. By the way, in the past few episodes, Gretchen has perhaps become the most fascinating character on the show, and her mysterious backstory only contributes to that.

Still, once left alone with T-Bag at Gate, Gretchen admits that once they uncover Scylla, she will betray and or kill pretty much everyone that she is working with, except him. They are then greeted by Feng, the gangster who demanded Scylla from T-Bag several episodes ago. He has come to kill The Bagster, but Gretchen convinces him otherwise and assures him that they will provide Scylla, for the fair price of $125 million. T-Bag, who briefly lived it up as the holder of D.B. Cooper's $5 million stash, is quite excited by the prospect of a $25 million cut. That would mean that he would never again have to go without a South American prostitute.

Never trust Termie

Back at the warehouse, Michael uses his brilliant mind to deduce that they were set up. Although he knows that it had to be Roland who did it, he gives Roland a computer and leaves him unsupervised. Naturally, Roland flees the building and goes to meet up with Termie in order to collect his 1 million dollar payday. He is approached by Termie in an alley and asks if Termie has his money. To this, Termie simply shakes his head, pulls out a gun and shoots Roland in the leg. Roland at first does not give up the location of the warehouse, and so Termie shoots him five or six more times. Eventually, he tells Roland that he will shoot him in the stomach and leave him to die a slow and painful death if he does not give up the location of the warehouse. Roland acquiesces and tells Termie the information that he needs. Termie then goes ahead and shoots him in the stomach anyway. In all fairness, he never said that he would make things quick for Roland even if he did give up the location.

However, taking all of that time to shoot Roland in broad daylight was uncharacteristically sloppy, and Termie ends up paying the price. Lincoln, Michael and Mahone ambush him just as he shoots Roland one final time, and manage to beat the big man down and tie him up. Termie captured? What is the world coming to??

General Anxiety

Now that The General is aware that people are not only coming after him, but after Scylla and the cards, he is in full freak-out mode. He demands that Scylla be moved in two days, which along with Gretchen's disclosure to T-Bag about Scylla (it is more than just The Company's black book), brings about many more questions about the mythically named focus of the season. And where there are questions, there will be answers. They might not be logical, but that's half the fun.

What exactly is Scylla? How long before Gretchen betrays everyone else? Other thoughts on the episode? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer