May sweeps is coming to an end after this week with dramatic TV season finales and cliffhangers. Last week shows like Lost ended their season with thrilling and unexpected moments that left audiences with more questions than answers. Season Finales are often the most memorable episodes during a TV series' run. They often include a mystery that is left unsolved until the next season. And most of the time they reveal something unexpected - like a surprise marriage proposal or a main character being killed off. Here's a list of some great season finales that have left viewers at the edge of their seat or in complete shock:

Star Trek: The Next Generation: "The Best of Both Worlds" - Season 3
I had to include this season finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation on the list just so I wouldn't receive hate mail from crazy Trekkies. This episode was not only one of the best season finales ever, it was probably the best episode in all of the Star Trek franchise. In "The Best Of Both Worlds," Captain Picard is kidnapped by a Borg ship and he is assimilated into "Locutus." The most memorable moment of this episode is the sight of Captain Picard as a Borg drone, which was probably a traumatic experience for Trekkies worldwide.