'A Game of Thrones' Season Three is little more than a couple weeks away now. We thought it was time to get re-acquainted with the people and places of Westeros and Essos, so you'll feel refreshed and up-to-date by the time of the premier. So, every couple days for the next month or so, we're bringing you people and places from the world of Game of Thrones, complete with informative tidbits from both the show and the books.

Hopefully, this well help everyone segue from our long aGoT hiatus, into our HBO issued bliss once more as a Game of Thrones occupies our Sunday evenings again.

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Character Profile: Theon Greyjoy

Culture: Ironborn

Titles: None

House: Greyjoy

Siblings: Rodrick (Deceased), Maron (Deceased), Asha (AKA - Yara)

Spouse: None

Children: None

Status: Alive, Last Seen Retreating From Winterfell

Portrayed by: Alfie Allen

Theon Greyjoy came to Winterfell as a ward of Ned Stark after his father, Balon Greyjoy rebelled against the rule of King Robert, and declared himself the sovereign king of the Iron Isles. Robert and Ned Stark were able to collectively crush Balon Greyjoy's rebellion with relative ease, and to secure a peace agreement Theon, a boy of ten, was taken to the Stark household to be held and raised.

Though Theon was young when he was taken from his father, he always felt an intense connection with the Iron Isles, never quite forgetting that he was 'Ironborn' even if he didn't remember all the traditions and customs that made the Iron Isles so distinct. Instead, he was brought up as a Northman, among the Stark offspring, where he was taught to fight, dress and act like a man of the north. He was well fed and well taken care of, and largely thought of by Eddard Stark's children, as a member of the family.

When Eddard Stark was killed, Theon initially marched to war beside Robb Stark. He proposed that his father might lend Robb some much needed ships, and that it would be in Robb's best interest to let him go and parley with his father. Robb agreed, much to the chagrin of his mother, who doesn't trust Greyjoys, and Theon left for Pyke, the seat of Balon Greyjoy. When he arrived, he found that his father was intent on once again splitting from the North and forming his own Kingdom. Theon, after his sister humiliates him, is intent to help his father, who plans on giving him a ragtag skeleton crew to raid coastal villages; a task that Theon believes is far below him. However, he devises a plan to take Winterfell; the very place where he was raised, to prove to Balon that he is truly a worthy son and legitimate heir to his father's throne.

Theon does successfully take Winterfell, but cannot hold it for long. When Robb Stark hears of Theon's defection and treason he is deeply hurt, and vows to personally execute Theon himself. Robb's fellow commander and vassal, Roose Bolton suggests that his bastard son in the north could raise enough men to take Winterfell back. Robb accepts Bolton's help, but only on the terms that Theon be brought to him alive. Shortly after Bran and Rickon Stark escape with the help of the wildling Osha, Theon receives word that Northmen from Dreadfort, led by the bastard of Bolton, Ramsay Snow, are coming to siege Winterfell. Theon insists on holding the castle, but his men usurp command, knock him out and begin to retreat back to their boat.

Interesting Facts:

♦  Theon is known to be a talented bowman.

♦  While at the Iron Isles, Theon is 'reborn' in a religious rite connected with the 'Drowned God' the indigenous and old religion of the Ironborn. The customary saying associated with the Drowned God is 'What is dead may never die.'

♦  The Ironborn are proud reavers and corsairs. In the old times, the Ironborn were remembered as viking-like raiders who would subjugate coastal areas, rob them of their riches and proudly enslave them.

♦  Theon is asked by his father whether he paid the 'Gold' or 'Iron' price for his clothes. The 'Iron' price is by way of force, while the 'Gold' price is by way of trade - the Ironborn believe that the Gold Price is the lesser of the two, and that Ironborn should always take what they believe to be theirs by right.

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