'A Game of Thrones' Season Three is little more than a couple weeks away now. We thought it was time to get re-acquainted with the people and places of Westeros and Essos, so you'll feel refreshed and up-to-date by the time of the premier. So, every couple days for the next month or so, we're bringing you people and places from the world of Game of Thrones, complete with informative tidbits from both the show and the books.

Hopefully, this well help everyone segue from our long aGoT hiatus, into our HBO issued bliss once more as a Game of Thrones occupies our Sunday evenings again.

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Character Profile: Jon Snow (Lord Snow)

Culture: Northman

Titles: Steward To Lord Commander Mormont

House: None

Siblings: Robb Stark, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, Rickon Stark (Half-Siblings)

Spouse: None

Children: None

Status: Alive, Currently Prisoner to the Lord of Bones, north of the Wall.

Portrayed by: Kit Harington

Jon Snow is the bastard son of the late Eddard Stark and an unknown woman, referred only to as Wylla. Jon grew up living a fairly noble life, raised among the other Stark children at Winterfell, taught to fight and ride, as well as behave properly at court. Like Eddard and the other Stark boys, Jon was raised to believe in the Old Gods, rather than the 'Seven' that the Southerners pray to.

Growing up in Winterfell wasn't all easy for Jon. Few men take their bastard sons into their home like Eddard did, and Jon continues to be a point of contention between Catelyn and Ned right up until he leaves Winterfell for good, and takes his vows as a brother of the Night's Watch.

Jon is greatly influenced by his uncle Benjen, who served as a role model to Jon since a young age. When Jon told him that he wished to be a 'Ranger' for the Watch, Benjen took him back to the Wall for his initiation. Instead of finding the Watch populated by men of high caliber, he found that it was instead, run down and largely in disrepair and staffed by ex-cons and criminals with no other option. Among these folk, he was the best trained, which earned him resentment among his new peers. Eventually, he established amicable relationships with most of his compatriots, with the exception of Ser Allister Thorne, who mockingly dubs him "Lord Snow."

His formal initiation into the Night's Watch as a Steward was initially met with disdain, until he learned that the Lord Mormont was grooming him for command. With his closest friend at his side, Samwell Tarley, the Nights Watch left on a mission to investigate a number of suspicious 'Wildling' activities on the other side of the Wall, stopping at a halfway point known as "Craster's Keep" - owned by a wildling somewhat sympathetic to the cause of the Night's Watch.

During their trip beyond the Wall, Jon is sent on a Ranging mission with Qorhin Halfhand, where they are captured. Qorhin forces him to pretend like he has defected by killing him, and Jon is taken under the wing of the Wildlings, as half prisoner and half ally, to meet Mance Rayder, the 'King Beyond The Wall' and being escorted by the nefarious war criminal known only as "Rattleshirt - the Lord of Bones."

While Jon isn't technically a Stark by name, he embodies all of the telltale signs of the Stark genome: a cool, brooding personality, a humble, quiet demeanor and a certain degree of level-headedness in tight situations, albeit not quite ever as refined as Eddard or Rob. Still, Jon has a certain degree of kinship and love for him Stark family, all of whom (with the exception of Catelyn) treated him as their own.

As a brother of the Night's Watch, however, Jon is forced into a new world where family and future is expressly forbidden. While he never had any claim to the Stark legacy to begin with, his is forced to let go of all the trappings of his old life, and instead face the looming threats ahead - which are the terrors beyond the wall.

Interesting Facts:

♦  'Snow' is the surname given to all illegitimate children born in the north.

♦  The sword, 'Longclaw' given to him by Commander Mormont, belonged to the Commander's Son, Jorah, before his exile from Westeros.

♦  In the books, Jon's features are said to be more "Stark-like" than any of his siblings.

♦  Jon's hand is severely burned in the fight with the wight in the Commander's Chambers. In the books, it is noted that Jon only wears a glove over his burned hand.

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