'A Game of Thrones' Season Three is little more than a couple weeks away now. We thought it was time to get re-acquainted with the people and places of Westeros and Essos, so you'll feel refreshed and up-to-date by the time of the premier. So, every couple days for the next month or so, we're bringing you people and places from the world of Game of Thrones, complete with informative tidbits from both the show and the books.

Hopefully, this well help everyone segue from our long aGoT hiatus, into our HBO issued bliss once more as a Game of Thrones occupies our Sunday evenings again.

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Character Profile: Catelyn Stark (Cat)

Culture: Riverlander

Titles: None

House: Tully

Siblings: Edmure, Lysa

Spouse: Eddard Stark (Deceased)

Children: Robb, Sansa, Bran, Arya, Rickon

Status: Alive, Currently on Tour with Robert

Portrayed by: Michelle Fairley

Catelyn Stark, is a mother of five with a bit too much on her plate right now. She was the blushing bride of Eddard Stark, at first unwillingly, as she was initially to wed Ned's elder brother who was executed by the mad King Aerys.

Though Ned was not as handsome or as valiant as his brother, Brandon, Catelyn quickly found that she had fallen in love with a man every bit as brave, honorable and valiant. When Ed was alive, their marriage was known as strong, faithful and respected by lords and commoners alike.

If nothing else, Catelyn is a brave and devoted mother, even in the wake of her husbands death. Even after Ned's execution, Catelyn continues to guide the administration of Winterfell first, the arrest of Tyrion Lannister at the Riverlands as well as oversee his trial at the Eyrie, and finally counsel her eldest son on the battlefield. Catelyn is a woman with multitudinous connections, securing them safe passage over the 'Twins' by arranging an alliance between the Freys and Starks, as well as using Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish's affection to procure numerous bits of intel during Eddard's stay in Kings Landing.

She has also served as Robb's liaison between him and the late King Renly, and upon his death took Brienne of Tarth's oath to serve her personally. Burdened with great grief, she commanded Brienne to take Jaime Lannister to King's Landing to barter for the lives of her children, in hopes that she might have at least one returned alive and well.

Catelyn's family, the Tullys, are Lords of the region known as the Riverlands, and her family is old and mostly ill of health. Her brother Edmure is the inheritor of her ill father's seat as Lord of Riverrun, and her sister Lysa, formerly married to the late Jon Arryn is too sickeningly obsessed with her deficient, spoiled child to care about the affairs of Cat or her family.

In their childhood, Catelyn was forced to coexist with Petyr Baelish who was staying at Riverrun as a ward of Hoster Tully, her father. It was there that Petyr fell in love with Cat, and he dueled Brandon Stark for her hand in marriage. Needless to say that Catelyn's hand went to Brandon, who let Littlefinger live - though Catelyn, even after Brandon's death would never consider him a possible suitor.

Interesting Facts:

♦  Her marriage to Eddard Stark was a completely political union, though it's well known Eddard And Catelyn enjoyed one of the most loving noble marriages in Westeros.

♦  Lord Walder Frey, the eldest, always had a soft spot for Catelyn Stark. It is this old relationship that Catelyn used to secure a marriage for Rob and safe passage over the Twins.

♦  Catelyn still considers herself an outsider in Winterfell; specifically because the Gods of the North are not the same as the traditional religion of the South, known as 'The Seven.'

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