So after the surprising elimination of Heather last week on "I Love Money," the Entertainer is starting to realize what a bad move he made. Heather was his only ally, and now he is feeling very alone in the house. Yes, Entertainer, this is what everyone watching already knew would happen. The "Secret" Alliance between the girls is still going strong, and now that they make up half of the house and have manipulated everything for the past four weeks, they hope to continue dominating. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Elsewhere in the house, Real has a huge crush on Hoopz and is wooing her with flowers. They also wake up in bed together, which is strange since Hoopz says she has a boyfriend back home. She does not seem to have any interest in Real. Whiteboy is afraid that this will get to Real's head, and he won't focus on the big picture. The challenge this week involves stripper poles. Luckily none of them will be dancing on one but instead hanging over water. Whoever manages to stay on the pole the longest is paymaster.

There is a twist, however! Whoever drops from the pole first is instantly eliminated. Now the competition is really getting serious, or they are just trying to speed things up enormously. The Entertainer is the one who takes the plunge, and he says he is a loser and always will be. This means that no one has a real target in the house to take out, so things are going to be bad in the vault. Hoopz ends up winning the competition. The Secret Alliance girls quickly realize two of them will at least end up in the box because Hoopz is with the Stallionaires. They all panic. Brandi and Megan face off against Pumkin and Toastee, and the desperation makes this episode one of the funniest things in reality TV. The four girls start a big screaming match and then decide to dump water, milk, food, and anything from the fridge on one another. The others just kind of watch and laugh, understandably.

In the vault Brandi and Megan are placed into the box along with Real. He knows he is safe, he just wants to go on a date with Hoopz. Hoopz laughs, but you can tell she is thinking 'stalker' inwardly. On their outing, the girls take the time to warn Hoopz about Pumkin and Toastee since they know one of them is toast regardless. No more secret alliance. Then they leave Real alone with Hoopz, and he proposes to her. This stands to be the most uncomfortable proposal on reality television, and there have been a great deal of those. She laughs and looks sick, and he sits there waiting. Megan and Brandi cheer her on. Poor, poor Real. He especially looks hurt when he comes back and finds Hoopz has told Whiteboy, and they're laughing about it. Uh oh, trouble for the Stallionaires.

In the elimination, Brandi steps forward and brings everything to a halt. She decides to quit the show of her own free will. It is clear that she does this because she believes it will protect Megan, but she is mistaken. Instead of letting that be the decision, it turns out the Paymaster must decide to send someone home. So one more person has to be added to the box! The show ends with Megan, Real, Pumkin, Toastee and Whiteboy about to go into the vault and get ready to see who is going to fill Brandi's place. They are really speeding the show up now!

Next time on "I Love Money," Real seems to be suspicious of Whiteboy and Hoopz. He asks Whiteboy if he likes Hoopz, and Whiteboy admits to an attraction. Then Real turns on Whiteboy, and it looks like the strongest alliance in the house is about to be broken. Finally!

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer