Just as Raviva moved back from LA, Inbar left Los Angeles behind to film Underemployed, which was shot in Chicago. "We were really lucky. We got an amazing crew and cast," she said. "We were all away from home and therefore kept each other company. We were always joking around."

Being away from home also had its perks: "One of my favorite bands is Coldplay [and] we actually got to see them live in Chicago while filming," she added. "It was amazing. Front row madness and we even got to sit down with the band afterwards for the after party. That was an epic night!"

When it came to work, playing the character of Raviva presented a new batch of challenges for the actress, because there were just as many differences between Inbar and her character as there were similarities. "She's a musician, I’m not. [I] had to learn to play guitar and sing. It’s been scary and wild but awesome," she explained. "And she's also a young mom. I got to explore that on the show. To portray young unexpected motherhood is quite the challenge. I was terrified - which meant I had to play her!"

Looking ahead to the rest of Underemployed's season, "Raviva is about to have her decision-making skills put to the test," teased Inbar. "She is in a relationship with her baby daddy, but with him working every day she ends up spending a lot of time with someone else. She will also need to find the balance between her music life and her baby. [It's] kind of difficult being a rock star mommy. All those things are going to erupt."

In addition to the MTV series, the actress also filmed a guest role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which airs tomorrow night on CBS. "It’s a very cool role. I play Chastity [and] let’s just say I had to channel some Pretty Woman skills," quipped Inbar, who addeed that "I think my male fans would appreciate my wardrobe choices."

What are some of the things she'd like to do with the rest of her career? "I’ve recently been very impressed by Ben Affleck's work," she said. "[I] would love to work in one of his projects. Always been a fan of [Martin] Scorsese and [Quentin] Tarantino. I’ve been an addict of Breaking Bad. [It] would have been cool to book a project I love and follow, but I’m pretty sure that ship has sailed as this is their last season. Maybe in the movie version!"

And there's one thing Inbar would like you to know: "I actually like my fans," she added. "In fact, I love them. don’t be afraid to reach out. It always makes my day!"

Underemployed continues tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on MTV. You can check out a clip of Inbar as Raviva below.

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