Actress Sara Lindsey is in good company. She's working alongside Tom Cruise in the upcoming Jack Reacher and with Matt Damon and John Krasinski on their new flick Promised Land. How has she ended up collaborating with Hollywood's 'A' list? Sara recently sat down with Digital Airwaves to talk about her busy year.

"This year's been a little crazy," said the actress. "This year and the end of last year. I graduated from college, and I had done Super 8 in college, then got hired for two other [films] just after graduating. It definitely was a little bit transcendent to go being a bunch of different people."

In Promised Land, directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Damon and Krasinski from a story by Dave Eggers, she is part of a cast that includes Hal Holbrook, Frances McDormand and Titus Welliver.  Her character Claire Allen is a mother, which was exciting for her to play. "It was really fun to have a son in Promised Land. To have a son and have a house, I felt like I had a complete vision of my character and I could really work on a bigger arc," she explained. "I'm really proud of the movie overall and working on it was just such a joy."

When it comes to her role in Jack Reacher, there's a twist: she doesn't appear until the very final scene of the film. What's it like to have to wait until the end to see her big moment? "It's kind of funny," she said with a laugh. "A good friend of mine is in the movie [and] he has a much bigger part than me. He gets in a fight with Tom [Cruise] and it's really cool. He's so nervous and meanwhile I'm just sitting there waiting for the last scene to happen!"

The two flicks are great opportunities for Sara, who has worked on a string of movies in 2012 including Fun Size and Won't Back Down. A performer from an early age, after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, she's finally settling in Los Angeles. "It took me a little while to be like 'Oh, yeah, I live in Los Angeles.' And now, I can really feel that I live here," she said.

Having arrived both literally and figuratively, she continued, "I just really want to keep doing really amazing work and working on female characters that are complex, intelligent and interesting. It's hard to find and I really want to strive to find these great characters.

"I really like powerhouse women who do these amazing characters. I really got along with Frances McDormand on Promised Land because she's incredible. Fran was incredibly influential in my life thus far. She sort of gave me these life lessons." Also on her favorites list? Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence, and the TV shows Friday Night Lights and Nashville.

Yet ultimately, while Sara looks up to many actresses, she's not looking to follow after them. "What do I bring to the table? What distinguishes me from other people? And how does that remain constant?" she continued. "Just be yourself. It takes time and patience but ultimately being true to yourself pays off." It's certainly worked out for her - just look at the company she keeps.

You can see Sara in Jack Reacher, opening December 21, and Promised Land arriving January 4. You can also keep up with her on Twitter (@SaraLndsy).

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