People can now see the result of all that hard work, as Family Weekend opens in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Dallas (see the film's official website for specific theaters and tickets). For Adam, it's literally a dream come true. "We hoped for something like this. We were like, 'Let's get this thing and get big stars and get it in theaters.' That was always the idea," he said. "I do think this is what we set out to do. Now that we're here, we realize how fortunate we've been to get here."

He's particularly grateful for his ensemble. "We had great casting directors in Ron Digman and Valorie Massalas, and I think when Kristin came on and Joey King came on, and certainly when Olesya came on, it just elevated [the movie]," he continued. "We got exactly who we wanted in every role."

What stands out to Adam about Family Weekend? "To me, the theme of this film is important," he explained. "It's about family. I had that growing up, and I know Ben had that growing up. That's who made us believe we could do things like this. That message is one of the things i'm excited about. It's entertaining and it's fun, [but also] at the end of it you're left with this idea that family is really important, and parents and kids showing up for each other is really important."

Beyond however successful the film ultimately ends up being, equally as remarkable is the story of how it came together: of Adam, Peter and Ben deciding to found Footprint in order to open their own doors in the business. 'We said, 'Listen, we want to be in movies, rather than waiting for people to hire us, why don't we do it ourselves?" said Adam, who worked at Spyglass Entertainment during the day and went to producing school at night.

Now he's putting that education to good use, as Footprint has two more films in the works. "we're doing a movie called Seven Years, Three Days, which is basically an updated Big Chill. It's a beautiful, beautiful script about friendship," he continued. "Then in January, we're going to do a movie called When We First Met, which is basically 500 Days of Summer meets Groundhog Day. We're putting together a really fabulous team for that, too. I think that these next two projects are going to be really great." To keep up with the Footprint team, you can visit the company's website.

Thursday, as Adam prepared for the theatrical debut of Family Weekend, he encouraged other aspiring filmmakers not to be afraid of actively pursuing their dreams. "This is also to me, an example of what people can do," he said. "It shows that you don't have to be sitting ona lot of money or have a lot of studio connections or whatever. If you have a project that is good and you have a lot of people that believe in it, if you just don't stop until it's done, great things can happen."

Family Weekend opens in limited release today and is also available via Video on Demand; it arrives on DVD April 23rd. The trailer is below (courtesy of You can also get more information by visiting the official website and following the film's official Twitter (@FWMovie).

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