"Lost" is famous for being one of the most confusing and thought-provoking shows on television, and this is why a great deal of people gave up on it since the first season, and why the fans left over are diehard cultish obsessors. Like me. Season five is now officially over with an explosive (literally) two hour finale, and while quite a few things were answered ... they bring up more questions and leave us with nine months of waiting helplessly until the next season starts. Damn you, "Lost," damn you.

The show starts out introducing two characters who are not exactly new to the show but have never actually been seen before. They are the foundation of the Island, two beings of enormous power we can't define just yet - a blond haired peaceful man named Jacob and a black clothed unhappy pessimist who is unnamed. Personal speculation leads him to possibly be the Monster, but that can be discussed later on. Jacob and his frenemy see the Black Rock far away and discuss how Jacob keeps bringing people to the Island, and his frenemy thinks it's all a waste of time. Apparently this happens over and over again and nothing ever changes, human nature causes them to fight and for it to end. Jacob calmly says it only ends once, and everything else is progress. Jacob's kind of awesome in a smug I'm-better-than-you way. His frenemy tells him he'll find a loophole to kill him one day and storms off.

Throughout the episode flashbacks are given of Jacob meeting all of the major Losties, including Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sun, Jin, Locke, and Sayid. He plays a minor role in their lives by being at Sun and Jin's wedding, or being there when Locke falls out the window and gets paralyzed. He touches each of them so it seems like he is setting up the Losties to be 'chosen.' They probably wish he never did meet them, though!

On the Island, Jack is determined to blow up everyone and make everything in the past few years a bad dream. His former galpal Kate tries to get Sawyer to leave the submarine and come back with her, but he's happy to go to the mainland and start over with Juliet. Juliet surprises them by agreeing to help Kate get back to the Island and stop Jack. The trio take over the sub, snag a raft, and paddle back. Jack and Sayid take the bomb's core, as Daniel instructed in his journal, and they have to bring it to the Swan camp when the incident begins. Ellie intends to help them get there, but Richard knocks her out since she's their Leader and must be protected. Jack and Sayid are on their own.

But not really since when they get up into the Dharma village, Sayid is shot by Ben's jerk father (NO!), and Hurley comes to the rescue in his van with Jin and Miles. They get in and explain everything on the way to the Swan, with Sayid losing pints of blood from a gut wound. Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate stop them and Sawyer has a heart to heart with Jack. He sort of says he is doing this because of Kate, which is stupid, and then Sawyer decides to beat the hell out of him (YAY!). Juliet stops him and says she wants to change everything now. You see, they found Rose and Bernard, who have been leaving in peace for years and want nothing to do with the drama anymore. When Bernard said something nice about love, Sawyer looked at Kate instead of Juliet. So now she thinks they should break up and were never meant to be together. It's sad but a little melodramatic, way to kill the entire Island because your man looked at another woman.

They all help Jack get inside the Swan and a huge shooting match ensues, but when Jack drops the bomb inside, nothing happens. This was actually kind of hilarious, but sad for the poor Losties. Then everything goes crazy and the electromagnetic energy drags everything into it nearby made of metal. This includes Juliet getting wrapped up in metal rope and being dragged into the scary Swan hole. Sawyer tries to save her but to no avail, and he becomes a lifeless sobbing mess when she falls to her supposed death.

Meanwhile in the present Locke finds out Ben has to follow his orders and tells him he has to kill Jacob. Richard brings them to the statue where the foot only remains, and they go inside. Ilana's party and Frank show up, and she says "What lies in the shadow of the statue" to Richard. He has the answer, which is in Latin and translates to "He who will save us all." She shows him that she has Locke's body, and that the man inside the statue is not Locke at all. He's actually Jacob's friend from the first scene, and he's planned all of this just to murder him. Ben gives Jacob a chance to live by asking him why he was always treated like nothing, but Jacob's like 'who are you again?' and Ben stabs him. Which may have caused really explosive and dire things if ....

Juliet didn't wake up, not quite dead yet, and bashes open the bomb until it explodes and season five is over. WHAT! AGH! No! Is everyone alive or dead? Did it go back? Is a new timeline made? What! A fantastic ending to yet another great season of "Lost," but after nine months the hatred for this blasted cliffhanger will only grow. Is it next January yet? Oh and if anyone is interested about the statue, you might want to take a look at the Egyptian God Sobek. It looked suspiciously close to him, right?

Until next year, "Lost" fans, let's stick together and ease our hurt with endless speculating. It's the only thing keeping us going!

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Lost Cast: Matthew Fox - (Jack), Evangeline Lilly - (Kate), Michael Emerson - (Ben Linus), Kim Yun-jin - (Sun), Daniel Dae Kim - (Jin), Terry O'Quinn - (Locke), Josh Holloway - (Sawyer), more

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer

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