Zany Adventures of Robin Hood

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George Segal

Morgan Fairchild

Roddy McDowall

Janet Suzman

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Goofy goings-on in the Sherwood Forest and environs in this spoof of the Robin Hood legend with George Segal as a slightly out of kilter (and rather long of tooth) taketh from the rich and giveth to the poor -- after expenses -- medieval outlaw. To many, this film evoked fond memories of Mel Brooks' short-lived but legendary series, "When Things Were Rotten." Aside from Morgan Fairchild's excursion here into farce (after previously playing, also against type, a cold-blooded, gun-toting terrorist), there is the interesting casting of Janet Suzman and Tom Baker, who had played Czarina Alexandra and Rasputin in "Nicholas and Alexandra," as Eleanor of Aquitaine and Sir Guy.