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Scully and Agent Reyes travel to a secret site to protect Scully and her unborn baby. Meanwhile, alien Billy Myles regenerates himself and continues his search for Scully. Season Finale.
Aaron Paul - Sky Commander Winky/David Winkle
Adam Baldwin - Knowle Rohrer
Aeryk Egan - Camera Dude
Alfred De Contreras - Bartender
Ana Maria Lagasca - Bareiro's Daughter
Annabeth Gish - Agent Monica Reyes
Ashley Knutson - Baby William
Austin Tichenor - Dr James Langenhahn
Bo Kane - Marine Sergeant McCormick
Brad Kalas - Cult Man
Branden Williams - Captain Dare/ Bill Kizzler
Brian Catalano - Passenger Agent
Brian Morri - Soldier No 1
Brianne Prather - Young Woman
Bruce Harwood - Byers (Recurring)
Charlie Hartsock - Lawyer
Christian Hastings - Soldier No 2
Cynthena Sanders - ER Nurse
David Duchovny - Fox Mulder (Regular)
David Figlioli - Victor Dale Potts
Dean Haglund - Richard Langly
Elijha Mahar - Guard
Erick Avari - Dr Fountain
Esther Mercado - Mr Barreiro
F J Rio
Fitz Houston - Station Manager
George D Wallace - Bertram Mueller
Gillian Anderson - Dana Scully (Regular)
Jacob Handy - Luke Doggett
James Pickens - Deputy Director Kersh (Recurring)
Jamie McShane - Injured Soldier
Jane Yamamoto - News Anchor
Jerry Shiban - Scully's Baby
Joe Colligan - Driver Agent
Joe Nieves - Bareiro's Son
John Casino - Roland McFarland
John McGonagle - Uniformed Cop
Kevin McCorkle - Cult Man No 2
Kevin E West - Navy Seal
Kirk Woller - Agent Gene Crane (Recurring)
Lou Richards - Officer Custer
Lucy Rodriguez - Operator
Luis Robledo - Crackhead
Michael Mantell
Ming Lo - Dr Kim
Mitch Pileggi - Assistant Director Skinner (Regular)
Nicholas Lea - Agent Alex Krycek (Recurring)
Randy Hall - U-Haul Driver
Rene Rivera - First Cop
Rikki Held - Baby William
Robert Patrick - John Doggett (Regular)
Rowdy Held - Baby William
Rueben Grundy - Forensic Technician
Shane Nickerson - Police Photographer
Sheila Larken - Margaret Scully
Steven Flynn - Man on the Street/Driver
Terrance Quinn - Shadow Man
Tom Braidwood - Frohike (Recurring)
Troy Mittleider
Victoria Gallegos - Secretary
Wyatt Smith - Baby William
Zachary Ansley - Billy Miles
Zachary Handy - Luke Doggett

David Amann
Frank Spotnitz
Glen Morgan
Harry V. Bring
James Wong
John Shiban
Michelle MacLaren
Paul Rabwin
Tim Silver
Vince Gilligan

Kim Manners

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