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Revisiting their first case, Scully and Mulder encounter potential alien abductions that may threaten their partnership. Mulder goes to investigate on his own and is abducted in front of Skinner.
Aaron Paul - Sky Commander Winky/David Winkle
Aeryk Egan - Camera Dude
Alfred De Contreras - Bartender
Ana Maria Lagasca - Bareiro's Daughter
Andy Umberger - Special Agent Chesty Short
Annabeth Gish - Agent Monica Reyes (Regular)
Ashley Knutson - Baby William
Bo Kane - Marine Sergeant McCormick
Brad Kalas - Cult Man
Branden Williams - Captain Dare/ Bill Kizzler
Brian Thompson - Bounty Hunter
Brian Catalano - Passenger Agent
Brian Morri - Soldier No 1
Brianne Prather - Young Woman
Bruce Harwood - Byers (Recurring)
Charlie Hartsock - Lawyer
Christian Hastings - Soldier No 2
Cynthena Sanders - ER Nurse
Darin Cooper - Deputy Ray Hoese
David Duchovny - Fox Mulder (Regular)
David Figlioli - Victor Dale Potts
Dean Haglund - Langley (Recurring)
Eddie Thomas - 1st Young Man
Elijha Mahar - Guard
Erick Avari - Dr Fountain
Esther Mercado - Mr Barreiro
F J Rio
Fitz Houston - Station Manager
George D Wallace - Bertram Mueller
Gillian Anderson - Dana Scully (Regular)
Grace Demontesquiou - Baby
Gretchen Becker - Greta
Jacob Handy - Luke Doggett
Jamie McShane - Injured Soldier
Jane Yamamoto - News Anchor
Joe Colligan - Driver Agent
Joe Nieves - Bareiro's Son
John Casino - Roland McFarland
John McGonagle - Uniformed Cop
Judd Trichter - 2nd Young Man/ Richie Szalay
Kelly Demontesquiou - Baby
Kevin McCorkle - Cult Man No 2
Kevin E West - Navy Seal
Laurie Holden - Marita Covarrubias
Leon Russom - Detective Miles
Lou Richards - Officer Custer
Lucy Rodriguez - Operator
Luis Robledo - Crackhead
Michael Mantell
Ming Lo - Dr Kim
Mitch Pileggi - Assistant Director Skinner (Regular)
Nicholas Lea
Peter Macdissi - Prison Guard
Randy Hall - U-Haul Driver
Rene Rivera - First Cop
Rikki Held - Baby William
Robert Patrick - John Doggett (Regular)
Rowdy Held - Baby William
Rueben Grundy - Forensic Technician
Sarah Koskoff - Teresa Hoese
Shane Nickerson - Police Photographer
Sheila Larken - Margaret Scully
Steven Flynn - Man on the Street/Driver
Terrance Quinn - Shadow Man
Tom Braidwood - Frohike (Recurring)
Troy Mittleider
Victoria Gallegos - Secretary
William Davis - Smoking Man (Recurring)
Wyatt Smith - Baby William
Zachary Ansley - Billy Miles
Zachary Handy - Luke Doggett

David Amann
Frank Spotnitz
Gina Lamar
Glen Morgan
Harry Bring
James Wong
John Shiban
Michelle MacLaren
Paul Rabwin
Tim Silver
Vince Gilligan

Kim Manners

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