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'Wonder Woman' Live-Action TV Series In Development By CW
Elizabeth Hurley Joins 'Gossip Girl'

TV creator David E. Kelley revamps the hit 1970s show. Adrianne Palicki plays Wonder Woman and her alter-ego, Princess Diana of Themyscira, a.k.a. Diana Prince, an Amazonian princess who, in the original series, rescues a fighter pilot and brings him home to America after he crash lands on her home of Paradise Island. Her powers include great strength and agility - the source of which come from a golden belt; and she can deflect bullets with her bracelets. She also carries a golden Lasso of Truth, which, when used on an enemy forces them to tell the truth. Joining Palicki in the pilot are Elizabeth Hurley, who plays the villainous boss of a pharmaceutical company creating drugs to make peopl... Full Summary >>

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