Wolf Girl

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Tim Curry

Lesley Ann Warren

Grace Jones

Shawn Ashmore

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Tara Talbot, 17 years old, is a sideshow spectacle. As a victim of hypertrichosis, a skin disease associated with excessive hair growth all over the body, Tara has always been an outcast among her peers. In a small town while performing as the "Wolf Girl" in her circus sideshow, she becomes the victim of cruel pranks by a local teenage gang led by Beau. Ryan, a town youth, is drawn to Tara; he tells her that his mother has developed a serum that depletes hair. She begins taking the serum; her behavior becomes erratic and unpredictable, but she does begin to lose hair. Tara's "Wolf Girl" performances become more wild; she breaks down her stage case and practically tears out Beau's throat. As ... Full Summary >>