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The team attempts to locate a private investigator who goes missing while doing undercover surveillance and discovers that the list of suspects is long, due to his line of work and reputation for getting the job done, no matter the cost.

When a woman disappears in the aftermath of an office shooting, the team discovers that she has taken her daughter and run away from her father and ex-husband. Meanwhile, Sam begins to tell people about her pregnancy.

Claus and Effect
The team tries to determine whether or not a college student and former child prodigy, who disappears while working in a mall as Santa Claus, has been using his genius for criminal endeavors.

The team is called in to investigate after five people with an unusual connection are abducted from a coffee shop. Meanwhile, Sam has her baby and Jack is demoted after an investigation.

Lost Boy
When a 2-year-old boy who was adopted from Sudan disappears from his home, the team questions whether the abduction is connected to his parents' celebrity or the boy's native country. Meanwhile, the team also tries to tie up the case of the missing girls.

A Bend in the Road
With Jack in the hospital, the team searches for a heart transplant patient and tries to determine if her curiosity about the boy whose heart saved her life may be the reason for her disappearance.

Clean Up
An 18-year-old girl and her father go missing, and the team wonders if the father's line of work - cleaning up after crime scenes - is somehow connected to their disappearance.

The team's search for a missing college student, who vanishes after making provocative statements about African Americans during a classroom discussion, leads to the discovery of a family secret which could be connected to the boy's disappearance.

Deja Vu
The team searches for a man who goes missing after miraculously waking from a three-year coma. They uncover a dark secret which he discovered while piecing together faint memories of life before his accident.

Hard Reset
The team fears the worst when Jack goes missing after he tries to find a doctor who has performed illegal abortions on women forced to work as prostitutes in a human trafficking ring.

One Wrong Move
When an ex-con who had only been released from prison a month earlier goes missing, the team questions whether her past mistakes, including embezzling money from her former clients, may have come back to haunt her.

When a woman disappears after her boyfriend is killed during a police shooting, the team wonders if the woman's brother, a drug-dealer and the leader of a violent gang, could be connected to the abduction.

When an ultimate fighter disappears after winning a match, the team discovers he knew a lot of people that could have been responsible for his abduction, including a childhood enemy who was recently released from prison. Meanwhile, Samantha tracks down the father of her child and goes to tell him she's pregnant.

Article 32
The team races to find a woman who goes missing while working in a Veteran's hospital and tries to determine whether her disappearance is linked to her connection to a radical anti-war group, or with her father's struggles as a Vietnam vet.

A Dollar and a Dream
The FBI suspects foul play is involved in the disappearance of a lottery winner who vanishes after coming into millions. Meanwhile, Jack runs a background check on Brian Donovan and discovers some troubling information about him.

Res Ipsa
A grieving mother disappears. The team investigates to determine if she went missing while trying to find her son, whom she believed was tortured and possibly killed while doing volunteer work in Guatemala.

Where & Why
Part 2 of the CSI cross over, as the FBI team and Gil Grissom search for a pattern which will help them capture a suspected killer.

After running in front of a truck to save a boy, a repo man changes his life only to disappear shortly after. The team investigates his disappearance and learns about his past including a drug addiction and the death of his girlfriend in a fire. Meanwhile, Sam deals with the information Jack gave her about Brian.

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