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Lost Time
When new evidence suggests that a missing student who was thought to have been murdered is still alive, Jack fears that he may have obtained a wrongful confession from the girl's lover, a professor, who has already spent seven years in prison for the crime.

The Road Home
A 15 year old bike messenger goes missing, the team frantically tries to find him. Samantha tries to understand why Martin's behavior has been so unpredictable.

The team has to solve a case with with three missing people. A widower and his two teenagers are missing, the Jordano family, leaving behind a blood spattered living room. They were last seen by neighbors threw a partially open front door who say that Ted (the father) was refusing to let his son, Dylon, join them on an outing to a baseball game. The Team discovers that Ted, a new gun owner, who's still depressed over the death of his wife, has also accumulated a large debt to a loan shark. Investigators must consider the fact that Ted maybe responsible for the disturbing scene and the disappearance. Also being investigated is the loan shark who had been pursuing Ted and her daughters' crooked boyfriend. Narrowing down the options prove to test the team's patience.

The team searches for a fellow FBI agent and a friend of Jack's, who disappeared after leaving a message to his wife concerning the murder of a fellow agent.

Odds or Evens
Jack travels to Tokyo to look for a dishonorably discharged US Marine who disappeared after serving a five-year prison sentence in Japan for raping a young woman.

Jack, Samantha and Danny search for the mercenary who led an ambush that has left Martin in critical condition and the terrorist that was in Martin and Danny's custody, dead.

Jack and the rest of the team are caught off guard when the ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Nichols, a former district attorney, opens fire on the FBI office because he realizes he's a suspect in the her disappearance. The team is investigating the relevance of Jennifer's mysterious visit to a prisoner the night before she disappeared.

The team looks into the disappearance of a 15 year-old boy who was regularly tormented at school and determine whether or not the boy is missing of his own accord and planning a revenge bombing.

A Day in the Life
In a unique twist, this episode follows the search for a missing teenager as told through the viewpoint of his parents.

The search for a missing middle-school teacher reveals that she may be having an inappropriate relationship with one of her students.

After seeing the ultrasound of her eight and half month old fetus, a pregnant woman diagnosed with HIV disappears.

From the Ashes
A new team member finds that she has a lot to learn when the unit looks for a missing prostitute who left behind a ransacked apartment.

Viuda Negra
Jack and Danny travel to Mexico to investigate the kidnapping of a wealthy American citizen.

Blood Out
The team investigates the disappearance of a paramedic who treated a young gang member after a shoot-out.

A 15 year old ice skater goes missing from a local skating rink while practicing for the next days competition, the investigative team systematically attempt to locate her. Questions begin with a list of suspects starting with the rink manager who tries to hide his real identity because he spent time in prison for raping a teenager.

The Innocents
Questions surround the case of a missing man who had files filled with child pornography all featuring the same young girl.

When Darkness Falls
The team attempts to discern the identity of a 20-something amnesiac who was found wandering around without a coat in freezing cold weather and Jack must make a difficult decision concerning his father.

More Than This
As part of his sentence for drug possession a wealthy young man is sentenced to do community service at an inner city shelter, but when he disappears the team begins their investigation.

Honor Bound
Questions abound when the 25-year-old daughter of Korean emigrants goes missing while working the night shift at her parents deli.

White Balance
Two teenagers, one white and one African American, go missing on the same night. As Vivan predicts the Caucasian teenager, Emily, gets more attention from the press therefore receiving more resources to locate her. The African American teenager, Darnell, is left with limited resources and literally no media attention. Darnell's mother is forced to confront Jack, threatening to resort to violence bring some attention to her son's case.

The Stranger
A suburban, stay-at-home mother's innocence is in question when she disappears after being spotted with a strange man.

Check Your Head
The team searches for an agoraphobic advice columnist who hadn't left her apartment in two years.

The Little Things
Danny begins to notice signs pointing to Martin's reliance on painkillers while the team attempts to recover a kidnapped 5 year-old boy.

Patient X
The team investigates the disappearance of a therapist who apparently was abducted as she was entering her car.

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