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Television series about New York homicide detective Sara Pezzini, whose quest for justice brings her into contact with an ancient, intelligent, living weapon -- the Witchblade -- a mysterious gauntlet so powerful it can battle Earth's darkest forces. Since prehistoric times it has been worn only by women of unmatched strength of mind and body, but no mortal can elect who wields the power of this weapon; the Witchblade determines its own destiny. Those who are chosen are both its master and servant. Fate has brought Sara and the Witchblade together, forcing her to balance her life and her career as a police detective while learning to govern the power of the Witchblade. Jake McCartey is Pezzini's partner; Kenneth Irons is a billionaire obsessed with possessing the Witchblade; Ian Nottingham is Irons' enigmatic henchman; and Danny Woo is Pezzini's slain partner-turned-guardian spirit.