The Winner Summary

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Philip, known to many as "the luckiest man in the history of North America," raises the stakes in a town where the odds are already high -- Las Vegas. Surrounded by people desperate to make a fast buck, Philip just doesn't care if he wins or loses. One thing is for certain, though: Philip has the Midas touch, yet no one seems to understand exactly why. Not even Philip. But, everything he touches turns to gold. He just can't lose. He's on top of the world, and everyone around him knows it. To his chagrin, he attracts attention everywhere he goes. The other gamblers love him, of course, but the casino would rather see him elsewhere. Girls, now, are oozing out of the woodwork, but so are con men, mobsters and general hangers-on. Everyone loves a winner especially if he's naive enough to be deceived. A debt-ridden singer cons Philip into helping her repay a $50,000 loan.