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The Kid Stays Out Of The Picture
Grace falls for the gorgeous new doctor in her life. As her feelings grow, she begins to reconsider having a baby with Will.

Guest Star Clip Show
A look back on the numerous celebrities that have guested on the show.

Fagmalion Part Four: The Guy Who Loved Me
Will and Jack fight over Barry while Karen tries to land a plumber by assuming Rosario's identity.

Field of Queens
Karen looks forward to a date with a charming businessman. Will and Jack join an all-gay soccer team.

Bacon & Eggs
Kevin Bacon hires Jack to investigate who has been harassing him.

The Needle and the Omelet's Done
Grace makes a questionable impression on Leo's parents; Jack takes criticism from his acting coach.

The Honeymoon's Over
Will invites Karen to move in to his place when she is booted from the Plaza Hotel; Elton John guest stars.

Karen fights her British rival when her ex-husband dies and his will is to be read. Leo's return is cut short when he's asked to go back into service. He invites Grace to come with him.

May Divorce Be With You
Karen's divorce lawyer appears to be a little too young but is more than willing to take Will on in her case.

Marry Me a Little, Marry Me a Little More
Grace agonizes over her looming wedding to Leo; clip show.

Sex, Losers and Videotape
While Will buddies up with Karen and his boss for a "down with love" club, Grace turns to Jack for help making a racy video to send to Leo.

Will and Grace try to build a bridge of friendship through a board game night. Jack betrays Karen by palling up to her husbands new squeeze.

Karen goes toe-to-toe with her ex's mistress. Grace questions Leo's devotion when she meets his attractive co-worker.

It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Leo drags Will and Grace along on a terrifying bicycle trip up to the Catskills on a quest for Halloween pumpkins.

Boardroom and a Parked Place
The long lost partner in Will's firm returns from a long absence and forces Will to clean house and fire his friends. Will and Grace discover that Karen is estranged from Stan and living out of her limo.

Women and Children First
The reappearance of his childhood babysitter sends Jack further into his peevish nature.

...And The Horse He Rode In On
Grace rams into a pole while running to the sperm bank and is rescued by a hot doctor on horseback. Meanwhile, Karen considers cheating on her husband.

Fagmalion Part One: Gay It Forward
Grace believes her new neighbor, a female masseuse, is interested in her. Will is fixed up with Karen's "handsome" cousin Barry, who turns out to be an awkward man lacking a sense of style.

Dolls and Dolls
Karen finds a new roommate, but she may turn out to be too much like her for her tastes. Jack and Grace intervene when Will develops a taste for painkillers.

Humongous Growth
Karen and Jack devise a plan to bring peace between Will and Grace.

Fagmalion Part Three: Bye Bye Beardy
Will confronts feelings towards Barry as his makeover comes to a conclusion.

All About Christmas Eve
Grace must decide whether to take Will or Leo to "The Nutcracker".

Leo Unwrapped
Will brings Leo back to the country as a birthday surprise for Grace, but when she happens upon him early, everyone tries to maintain the "surprise" for Will's sake.

Fagmalion Part Two: Attack of the Clones
Will and Jack try to help Karen's cousin adjust to gay life, casting Will's memory back to when he came out.

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