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Elijah Wood Says Goodbye To 'Wilfred' - Saves Bear And Gatorade Bong

7/30/2014 1:30pm EDT
Elijah Wood Says Goodbye To 'Wilfred' - Saves Bear And Gatorade
At four seasons strong, "Wilfred" has had quite a successful run. Elijah Wood has been playing Ryan, a guy who visions a dog as a man. How is that even possible? Who really knows. Given an answer to this bizarre behavior or not, the part psychological and part comedic appeal is what has drawn a unique audience to tune in since its premiere. But, there is an end to most every show and "Wilfred" is at its doom.

Elijah Wood recently took some time out of his busy schedule to chat all things "Wilfred" and Ryan. "Wilfred" is currently airing Wednesdays on FXX at 10 P.M., and the series finale i...

'Wilfred': Elijah Wood Talks Ryan & Season Three

6/27/2013 1:14pm EDT
Wilfred, which returned last week for its third season, has emerged as one of FX’s most intriguing series thanks to its smart writing, interesting stories, and witty characters. And as Wilfred’s trusty sidekick Ryan, series star Elijah Wood has made sure there’s never a dull moment – for the show, or for the character.

“I think the idea of playing someone who has effectively hit a wall in his life and is trying to rebuild himself, and help himself, definitely provides a lot to work with,” Wood said in a recent press call. “There is a sense of growth over the course of now three seasons, an...

'Wilfred' Review: 'Uncertainty' & 'Comfort'

6/21/2013 12:29am EDT
David Zuckerman's no longer the show runner of Wilfred, but Wilfred looks the same, sounds the same, and is the same. Tonight's one hour premiere was made up of two different episodes. Wilfred's premiere and finale digs into the major question of the show of whether or not Wilfred is imagined, a sign of Ryan's mental illness. The premiere's titled "Uncertainty" which guarantees Ryan and the viewer will feel uncertain by episode's end. There aren't any answers by the end. Ryan accepts that the answers he seeks will be revealed in time.

Wilfred's become a show that is able to make the seriou...

TV's Sexiest Female Stars 2012 Edition

1/6/2012 10:00am EST
TV's Sexiest Female Stars
Welcome to 2012 everybody, and according to the ancient Mayan calendar it's our last year on Earth!

With the midseason launch of a whole slew of new TV shows, we wanted to start the new year right and share the list of our favorite sexy female TV stars who are not only featured in these new additions to the idiot box, but those who are already holding their own on all the returning shows.

Check them all out and don't forget to leave us a comment below to let us know who's on your list!

Kat Dennings "2 Broke Girls"

Did you think we'd not include "2 Broke Girls" Beth Behrs?


Starpulse Exclusive: Elijah Wood Talks 'Wilfred,' DJ'ing, His Love For Whiskey & More (Video)

10/10/2011 12:00pm EDT
Elijah Wood
We caught up with Eljiah Wood at his campaign launch with Bushmills Whiskey to chat about his hit FX series Wilfred, what’s on his iPod and so much more. He even let us in on some of his DJ’ing skills! Check it out!

Starpulse: Tell me all about this partnership with Bushmills Whiskey.

Elijah Wood: I was sort of impressed with the simplicity of the campaign, the fact that it wasn’t overly celebrity driven and really a wide array of creative individuals. And just tying it into that notion of friendship and that also being complimentary into the brand itself—you know Bushmills has been aroun...

Chris Klein Confirmed For 'American Pie 4'

4/19/2011 8:25am EDT
Chris Klein
Actor Chris Klein has signed up for another slice of American Pie following a two-month rehab stint last year.

The star has joined another original Pie favorite, Seann William Scott, who also sought treatment in rehab recently for "health and personal issues." Klein will return as Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher in the fourth installment of the teen comedy, titled American Reunion.

Following his success in the films, Klein fell from grace after twice being arrested for drunk driving - once in 2005 and again in 2010. After he was caught for the second time last year, Klein checked himself into a r...

Chris Klein Lands New TV Role

3/15/2011 4:24pm EDT
Chris Klein
Actor Chris Klein will make a TV comeback this summer, following a two-month rehab stint.

The American Pie actor has signed on to star alongside Elijah Wood in the new comedy, Wilfred, reports People.com. The show, which will premiere in June, is based on an Australian sitcom of the same name.

The show will debut almost a year to the day after Klein was arrested after failing a sobriety test when his car was pulled over by cops on an Los Angeles freeway. It was his second DUI arrest in five years. He was busted on a similar charge in 2005.

Klein was charged with two misdemeanors and s...

Brittany's TCA 2011 Blog: FX - 'Louie,' 'Wilfred' & 'Justified'

1/19/2011 11:15am EST
The last day of the TCA (Television Critics Association) Winter/Spring 2011 press tour was the one I'd had circled on my calendar, because it was all about FX. I have really fallen in love with this network and the people behind it over the past year. They gave me the highlight of my trip: a panel devoted to one of my all-time favorite series (Justified), putting me in the same room with one of my all-time favorite actors (Timothy Olyphant). I'll geek out about that later, though. First, let's talk about what else the cable net has up its sleeve...

Executive Session

I gained an enormous a...