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Peter searches an exotic island in the hopes of finding Neal before a bounty hunter does.

Most Wanted
After finding Neal and Mozzie, peter must come with a plan to get them back to the U.S. before a bounty hunter gets them.

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Diminishing Returns
Neal and the team help Peter secretly investigate a thief who has evaded FBI capture for years.

Parting Shots
Neal is surprised to discover he is developing feelings for a widow he is conning as part of an undercover operation.

Honor Among Thieves
A sexy female art thief makes Neal an offer that would require him to steal art from under Peter's nose.

Identity Crisis
Mozzie, Neal and Peter go on a risky treasure hunt that may have been created by a revolutionary spy ring.

Compromising Positions
Peter and Neal must face off against a brilliant criminal who has hired powerful political fixer to sabotage his trial.

Ancient History
Peter and the team look into a series of museum heists that target rare ancient artifacts.

Gloves Off
Neal uncovers a boxing ring where trader fight for information. To stop a corrupt executive Peter and Neal must step into the ring.

Vested Interest
While at an FBI conference, Peter and Neal discover a thief is trying steal something valuable.

Family Business
Peter and Neal search for the truth about Neal's father's crime; Neal goes undercover to take down a member of the Irish Mob.

Brass Tracks
Peter and Neal investigate Senator Pratt's involvement with corrupt cops.

Empire City
Peter and Neal work a forgery and money laundering case.

Shoot The Moon
Peter and Neal take different approaches to stop a thieving duo.

The Original
Petr and Neal continue their investigation into the mystery of Ellen's evidence box.

In The Wind
Neal and Peter are close to retrieving the evidence box from the Empire State Building; Pratt enlists FBI agents to assist in the hunt.

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