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The Party
Holly is invited to a college party by a cute guy.

Cool Older Sister
Holly sneaks out with Gary to go to a crazy party on Long Island.

The Fix-Up
In an attempt to get Val back into the dating world, Holly sets her up with Henry's brother despite his warnings against it. When Holly realizes Henry was right about his brother, she tries to get Val to cancel the date.

The Other Woman
Val feels threatened by Jeff's ex-girlfriend, prompting him to warn Holly about not getting too close to her.

The Teddy Bear
Holly and Val fight for possession of their shared childhood teddy bear. When the beloved stuffed bear becomes a thorn in their relationship, the girls decide to give it to a little girl in the building. But when the bear is abused by its new owner, the sisters join forces to reclaim the abused bear.

Holly's First Job
Jeff regrets hiring Holly as a waitress when she completely creates disarray in the restaurant, causing the chef to quit.

The Game
Holly advises Val to play dirty while trying to snag a promotion over a competitive co-worker, but Val wants to win the job earnestly through hard work.

Valentine's Day
Holly jumps to conclusions when she assumes that Jeff is going to ask Val to marry him on Valentine's Day.

The Break Up
Val breaks up with Jeff after he expresses a disinterest in marriage, then begins to spend more time with Holly, who urges her to open up about her feelings.

Energetic 16-year old Holly decides to live with her older sister Val in New York when their father moves overseas on business. She quickly gets herself in hot water by first rearranging Val's apartment and, second, by nearly costing Val her advertising job.

The Cheerleader Incident
Val is embarrassed when Jeff's mom witnesses her dressed up as a cheeleader.

Gary is caught kissing Holly's visiting friend. Jeff is distressed upon learning that Val still wears her old boyfriend's sweatshirt to bed.

Spa Day
Holly and Val plan a girls day at the spa but Holly ditches out to meet J.C. from 'N Sync.

Dude, Where's Val's Car?
Holly and her friend ditch school and borrow Val's car for some fun, only when they go back to the car for the drive home, Holly realizes the car is missing.

Tyler v. World
A neighbor, bitter over Val and Holly's bigger apartment, tries to have them evicted. Meanwhile, Gary gets upset over Holly's seemingly small birthday present to him.

Copy That
Holly thinks Jake, her new copy shop co-worker likes her and becomes a laughing stock when she accepts advice from Jeff on how to deal with it. Val worries about trying to impress a new client.

Valerie and Holly ditch Thanksgiving plans with their relatives and celebrate on their own.

Girls' Night Out
The sisters have fun out on the town, until a guy hits on Val.

The Parrot Trap
Holly accidentally becomes accessory to parrot-napping at the local zoo when she develops a crush on an animal rights activist.

Holly is afraid she will be sent to live with her father in Japan after breaking one of Val's strict house rules.

Loose Lips
Val has a night out with her co-workers which leads to a compromising spot with her boss.

The Talk
Val has a talk about the birds and the bees with Holly.

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