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Someone's in the Kitchen with Daddy
Val and Holly's father, Jack, comes in for a visit, prompting the two to go all out to impress him, but they inadvertently find him and his business associate getting romantic over dinner.

For Love or Money
Vince is emasculated when he finds out Holly earns more than he does, which prompts her to secretly beef up his resume and send it around. Meanwhile, Val looks forward to having her first real date with Vic, but a spat with Lauren detains her from a terrible incident.

Holly decides that she is ready to go forward to the next stage of her relationship with Vince when the two take a trip out to the country, but Vince puts the weight of her decision upon his shoulders and balks at intimacy. Meanwhile, Val finds herself reaching out to Vic for help during a strange night with Charlie.

The Perfect Date
Val goes out on a date with Charlie, a customer from the bakery, to express to Vic that their quickie marriage isn't going to progress any further, but, despite herself, soon comes to develop feelings for Vic just as Charlie begins to become obsessively attached to her. Meanwhile, Gary and Tina are dragged into a spat between Holly and Vince over the women in Vince's cellular phonebook.

Ground-Turkey-Hog Day
Holly and Vince must avoid telling Val that they saw Lauren kissing her ex-fiancé, Rick, during Thanksgiving. The fallout ends up bringing Val back to Vic and causes her not to sign the annulment papers.

Garden State
Val discovers that she and Vic aren't actually married according to the law, and while waiting a full twenty-four hours to get married at City Hall, the two take a compatibility test that ends up creating a rift between them. Meanwhile, Holly has doubts about whether or not she abruptly ended her relationship with Vince.

Jazz Night
Val asks Vic to be her escort for the bakery's Jazz night, only he surprisingly later shows up at the event with annulment papers. Lauren ends up putting a damper on things when she spills her drink on the papers. Meanwhile, Vince's new beard irks Holly to the point where she tells him that if the beard doesn't go, her legs will also go unshaven.

The Other Women
Val's attempts to make a good impression on Vic's mother, Eileen, inadvertently cause Eileen to sink back into alcoholism. Meanwhile, Holly and Vince have a discussion about where their relationship is headed after Holly continues to exhibit jealousy over his attractive colleague.

Desperate Girlfriends
Lauren sets up a fake party for Val in hopes that Val's ex, Rick, will show up. Meanwhile, Vic can't seem to find a good moment to give Val the gift he's been holding for her.

The Redo
Holly and Vince have a spat when he takes Gary to a basketball game instead of her. Though she thinks she should do everything together with Vince, she soon realizes that doing some things apart is a better idea. Meanwhile, Vic begins to charm Val as he continues to resist signing annulment documents.

Friends and Lovers
Val tries desperately to finally have an intimate night with Vic, but Holly's brooding over Vince leads Val to put Lauren on the case. Things go awry, however, when Holly and Lauren end up in jail. Meanwhile, Vince reveals that he's taking a work offer out in Chicago.

Holly and Val are forced to ride a horse to make it to Val's wedding in time after being stuck at a spa. Meanwhile, Vince prepares to leave for Chicago, while Gary, Lauren and Tina find romantic possibilities at the wedding.

Even though Holly and Vince are now seeing each other, Holly must come to terms with the idea of him heading off to Florida for several months. Meanwhile, Val and Lauren try to hatch a plan that will get Vic out of Val's apartment and Val out of her marriage to Vic.

Coming Home
Val waits on Vic hand and foot after he returns home to the loft following his accident, but the six-week waiting period to get intimate creates a strain on their relationship. Meanwhile, Vince loses a new job when Holly's jealousy over a co-worker gets the better of her.

I've Got a Secret
Gary and Tina secretly begin develop feelings for one another, and tell Vince and Holly separately, in private. When Holly spills the beans to Vince, however, the dynamic between the four friends changes. Meanwhile, Val begins to think of Vic more positively when he invites her and Lauren to double date with a fireman friend.

Your Money or Your Wife
Holly and Vince decide to split up for awhile when the two find themselves unable to agree on how to get past Vince spending time with his attractive co-worker. Meanwhile, Vic finds himself in the clear, healthwise, to be with Val, but the two start feuding after she ends a bakery promotion that was benefiting his firehouse.

Now and Zen
Lauren takes Val, Holly and Tina to a spa retreat one day before Val's wedding. Meanwhile, Holly continues to lament Vince's impending move to Chicago, unaware that Vince now knows his colleague has fallen for him.

I Want My Baby Back
A dismayed Val wakes up to discover that she has married her former boss, Vic, after bumping into him during a drunken night in Atlantic City. Holly stows away in Vince's car hoping to confess her love for him in Florida, but what she sees soon convinces her that he's moved on for real.

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