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The Revelation
Tionna pushes Chilli to see a therapist and Chilli ends up breaking down and opening up, revealing her reason for her extensive dating checklist.

The Calendar Model
Tionna gets help from Chilli's close friends in finding more worthy guys for Chilli to date. A sexy calendar model gets a glowing review from all the girls, so Chilli goes out with him.

The Floyd Situation
Chilli tries to figure out if Floyd Mayweather is the one for her. Also, TLC plays a benefit concert.

You Got Your Sweat On Me
Tionna sets Chilli up with a bunch of fresh candidates, including an Olympic athlete and an Iraq war veteran. However, Chilli continues to reject her suitors and Tionna's frustration grows.

The Bread Incident
Chilli starts to get a bit more serious with two guys, but frustration starts to grow between Tionna and Chilli when Chilli starts to question her expertise.

The 1-900 Voice
Chilli throws the first pitch at an Atlanta Braves game. Naturally, Tionna recruits eligible men from the crowd. Also, Floyd Mayweather takes Chilli roller skating and wants to pursue a deeper relationship.

The Choice
Tionna is preparing to head back to New York and she encourages Chilli to get more intimate with the two men she's dating.

The Checklist
Chilli recruits love expert Tionna Smalls to help her find a man. Complicating the quest is Chilli's checklist of things she expects in a boyfriend. Also, Floyd Mayweather has interests in Chilli.

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