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All About My Mom
In the season finale, Andy proposes to Audra, but when pro-life activist Gayle threatens them with a gun, Andy flees and leaves Audra to fend for herself. Celia puts together a sales team. When Pilar threatens Nancy's children, Nancy threatens to kill her, but Silas saves her the trouble by killing Pilar with a croquet mallet.

Where the Sidewalk Ends
When Esteban builds a birthing room so Nancy can have the baby at his house, she runs away and has labor induced at a hospital so the baby will have an American birth certificate.

Machetes up Top
Celia asks her Mexican guerilla captors to let her stay on as their den mother. Nancy realizes that Esteban hasn't decided whether to let her live or not. Doug and Silas look for a place to grow weed in a national park, but find that the good real estate is already claimed by men with large guns.

Van Nuys
Silas and Doug visit a pot growers' agent to buy stock for their marijuana dispensary. Nancy considers aborting her baby and running away with Andy, but ultimately decides to move in with Esteban.

Ducks and Tigers
A visit from Esteban's daughter comes with new problems for Nancy. Isabelle joins Doug and Dean's scheme of revenge against Celia.

Nancy's bodyguard disappears. Silas and Doug apply for a license to open a medical marijuana dispensary, but the local law enforcement wants a piece of the action. Celia's micromanaging gets her sent back to the US.

Super Lucky Happy
Esteban learns that Nancy's baby is a boy, and it's his, so he asks Nancy, Andy and the kids to move in with him. Celia shows up on Nancy's doorstep.

A Distinctive Horn
Esteban's other woman threatens Nancy and Esteban's relationship and Nancy reaches out for Andy's help.

Perro Insano
When Pilar, Esteban's political strategist, tries to have Nancy killed, Nancy decides to take the fight to her.

Wonderful Wonderful
Esteban takes Nancy to his doctor in Mexico to have her baby tested for paternity. Celia's daughter holds her for ransom, but finds no one interested in paying to get her back. Andy, Silas and Doug hatch a plan to grow weed in a national forrest.

A Modest Proposal
Esteban proposes to Nancy and she accepts, but when a mysterious woman shows up, Esteban cancels their engagement.

Nancy, Andy and Cesar team up to look for Esteban when he's arrested by the Mexican police. Dean and Doug start their scheme of revenge against Celia. Silas and Shane protect their new stepsister from her rich boarding school "friends", who get her high and try to rape her.

Suck 'n' Spit
Nancy and Andy struggle with the boundaries of their new relationship. Celia and Dean work together to use the weed to sell beauty products.

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