War and Remembrance

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Robert Mitchum

Jane Seymour

Hart Bochner

Victoria Tennant

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A 12-part miniseries continuing Herman Wouk's epic two-volume saga which began with "The Winds of War." The first 17-hour installment begins one week after Pearl Harbor. The family of career naval officer Captain Victor "Pug" Henry is scattered around the globe. Pug and his son, Byron, are fighting the war in the Pacific while Byron's wife, Natalie, her son, Louis, and her uncle Aaron Jastrow, are trapped in Europe, unable to escape the Nazi terror. On the home front, Pug's wife, Rhoda, crushed by the loss of her eldest son, Warren, at the Battle of Midway, and threatened by Pug's growing involvement with a beautiful young Englishwoman, Pamela Tudsbury, drifts into a series of affairs. As th... Full Summary >>