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'The Waltons' Cast To Reunite For 40th Anniversary Event

5/29/2012 1:17pm EDT
The Waltons
The entire cast of The Waltons is to mark the hit show's 40th anniversary by reuniting in Los Angeles.

The surviving stars of the wholesome family series, which ran from 1971 to 1981, will come together at the historic Wilshire Ebell Theatre for a discussion panel, entitled The Waltons 40th Anniversary: Celebrating Family & Education.

Michael Learned, who starred as Waltons matriarch Olivia, onscreen father Ralph Waite, Richard Thomas, who played eldest son John-Boy, and the show's six other children have all signed up to appear at the fundraiser evening.

Learned tells, "T...

Lenny Kravitz: 'I Threw Up All Over The Television'

12/16/2011 4:20pm EST
Lenny Kravitz
Rocker Lenny Kravitz gave up alcohol at a very early age after accidentally getting drunk when he was seven.

The Jewish singer/songwriter reveals he guzzled a bottle of wine with a cousin at a holiday party and became so ill afterwards he spent the week in bed.

The Let Love Rule hit-maker explains, "I went to a Hanukkah party... and this cousin of mine got a bottle of Manischevitz (wine) and I didn't know what it was but it looked like grape juice and I was a big fan of grape juice, so we went behind this stairwell in the temple and there's about three of us... and we're drinking it and...

Oscar Winner Patricia Neal Dies

8/9/2010 8:07am EDT
Patricia Neal
Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal has died after a battle with lung cancer. She was 84. Neal passed away at her home in Edgartown, Massachusetts surrounded by her family on Sunday.

The actress, famed for her husky voice, was an award-winning Broadway star before her powerful performance in 1963 film Hud, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as a housekeeper alongside Paul Newman. She was forced to temporarily retire from acting in 1965 at the age of 39 after she suffered a series of debilitating strokes.

However, after a period in rehabilitation, Neal retur...

New TV On DVD, April 28

4/28/2009 8:00am EDT
American Dad
American Dad revolves around Stan Smith (Seth MacFarlane), a hyperactive C.I.A. agent and his family. Volume 4 is now on DVD. Also in stores: The Waltons season 9.

Check Out 'The Waltons' Season 9, Now On DVD

4/28/2009 6:48am EDT
The Waltons
For nine seasons from 1972 to 1981, the Walton family was America’s family. Viewers’ hearts were captured by the story of John and Olivia Walton, their seven children, Grandpa and Grandma as they faced the Depression and World War II with not much more than a love of the land and the rock-solid support of each other.

This elegiac final season is the ideal capstone to the Emmy-honored and lovingly remembered series. The Walton boys endure terrifying dangers in Europe and the Pacific, then gratefully return to Walton’s Mountain when the war ends. Peace brings new challenges, but also ne...

New TV On DVD, Jan. 6

1/6/2009 8:00am EST
Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica season 4.5 returns Friday, Jan. 16 on SciFi. Catch up with season 4, volume 1, now on DVD. Also in stores: Tripping The Rift season 3 and The Waltons season 8.

The Emmy's 60th Anniversary: Fans Get To Vote For Best Comedy And Drama Moments

8/28/2008 11:27am EDT
All In The Family
As a means of celebrating its 60th Anniversary (really, are we just going to have a garish celebration for any year ending in 0 or 5 now?) Emmy has decided to name the most memorable moments from both Drama and Comedy on TV.

The best thing about this countdown is that the fans get to decide. On the Emmy website are a list of 20 funny moments and 20 serious scenes just begging for your vote. You only get to choose one in each category, so you're going to need some help. You'll find it below as each category is narrowed down to the five best. Also listed are some moments that shouldn...

New TV On DVD, April 29

4/29/2008 8:00am EDT
The famous Boston bar "Where everybody knows your name" first opened its doors September 30, 1982, on NBC. Cheers season nine is now on DVD. Also in stores: season four of Beverly Hills, 90210 and season seven of The Waltons.

New TV On DVD, Jan. 8

1/8/2008 8:00am EST
The Riches
The Malloys are a family of "travelers," roving con artists who live perpetually on the fringes of society and just outside the reach of the law. The typically iconoclastic FX network comedy-drama series The Riches was dedicated to the proposition of "Stealing the American Dream." Season one is now on DVD. Also in stores: season one of The Tudors, seasons one and two of Rob & Big, season two of Two And A Half Men, season five of MI-5, and season six of The Waltons.

New TV on DVD, May 8

5/8/2007 8:00am EDT
Everybody Loves Raymond
Everybody Loves Raymond was a staple of in the CBS sitcom roundup, largely due to its affable protagonist, Ray Romano. True to its title, audiences held a genuine affection for Raymond Barone's weekly foibles and amiable if imperfect character. Season eight is now on DVD. Also in stores: season one of Cagney & Lacey, season three of The 4400, season five of The Waltons, and season six of That '70s Show.

New TV on DVD, Jan. 23

1/23/2007 8:00am EST
Walker Texas Ranger
Karate-champion-turned-movie-star Chuck Norris was ideally cast as the title character in the contemporary Western series, Walker, Texas Ranger. Season 2 is now on DVD. Also in stores: The Waltons season 4.

1940s Director Vincent Sherman Dies at 99

6/20/2006 9:32am EDT
Hollywood filmmaker Vincent Sherman died on Sunday night of natural causes - just one month ahead of his 100th birthday. The acclaimed director dominated cinema in the 1940s and 1950s before being ostracized for his suspected communist sympathies. He later went on to direct a string of hugely successful TV series including The Waltons and Baretta.

Aside from his string of hit films, Sherman was famed for romancing his leading ladies, including Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth and his three-movie dalliance with Joan Crawford.

Francine York, his companion for the last nine years, says, ...

New TV on DVD, April 25

4/25/2006 8:00am EDT
This week's DVD releases includes season three of Reba. Reba McEntire stars as a woman who has to face the fact that her youngest daughter wants to go live with her ex-husband and his new wife. Hurt and angry, Reba struggles to accept her daughter's decision. Also in stores: season three of The Waltons, Law & Order: Trial by Jury the complete series, and American Dad Vol. 1.