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Memorable Moments From 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale

11/30/2015 8:32am EST
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Memorable Moments From 'Start To Finis
That was a fitting end to a completely unmemorable first half. The midseason finale is meant to tide hardcore The Walking Dead fans over until the second half of the season begins in a few months. It’s supposed to tie up loose ends and get us excited for the rest of the episodes. “Start to Finish” does none of that. It feels as empty, unfinished, and barely thought through as the rest of the season.

With any luck the second half of the season will have:

Better character relationships: We barely got to see any of the amazing central relationships of the show develop. Rick/Michonne, Rick/...

'The Walking Dead' Review: Awards For 'Heads Up'

11/23/2015 8:31am EST
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Noteworthy Award Moments From 'Heads U
“Heads Up” is one of the better episodes from the 6th season. It has a nice mixture of characters, without ever making the mistake of pretending to care about the Alexandrians on their own. It finally ended the farce of a certain “death” while marching the story forward a bit more. Now if only we could put an end to the constant speeches that make up every episode these days.

Here are the character and scene awards for “Heads Up:”

Least Surprising Moment: Glenn’s Alive

Duh. While it looks like he might not be the voice on the radio from the end of the last episode, he hid under the dumps...

'The Walking Dead': Best And Worst Moments From The Episode 'Always Accountable'

11/16/2015 8:47am EST
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Best And Worst Moments From 'Always Ac

That may be the last word spoken in “Always Accountable” but it might as well also be the mantra of this season’s writers. So far they’ve managed to make one of the most exciting shows on television completely forgettable. Many seasons from now (and there will definitely be many, many more seasons) what will be remembered from the first half of this season, besides maybe Carol fighting the wolves in “JSS.” Maybe viewers will remember the bad writing for Glenn’s “death” or the extreme time spent on characters who’ve barely built connections with our main heroes. The focus on the wor...

'The Walking Dead': Alexandria's Very Bad, Long Day And Highlights From 'Now'

11/9/2015 8:33am EST
The Walking Dead
Has this whole season of The Walking Dead taken place over just one day? It seems that, besides Morgan’s dip into the past and the black and white flashbacks from the pilot, everything has happened in the other 4 episodes in a single day. In this one day, a group went out to lure away a large horde of walkers, Wolves breached the walls and killed dozens of inept townspeople, outside the gates more incompetent Alexandrians got torn apart, and the writers tried—and failed—to convince us that Glenn died in the lamest way possible. All in one day.

“Now” finally ends this inexplicably long day ...

'The Walking Dead': The Best And Worst From The Episode All About Morgan

11/2/2015 8:35am EST
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Best And Worst Moment From 'Here's Not
“Here’s Not Here” is an episode all about Morgan. If you, like many others, have already gotten sick of his “All Life is Precious” spiel this season, the prospect of watching a supersized episode that’s just about him probably isn’t appealing. Everything about Morgan’s character development thus far has felt completely dated, as if he’s missed the incredibly important life experience that Rick and company have suffered through to reach conclusions that he’s clearly missing. To Rick’s group, and viewers who’ve watched for 5 years, it’s obvious that not killing dangerous people can make the d...

Binge-Watching 'The Walking Dead' Prompts Gruesome Murder In New Mexico

10/27/2015 7:00am EDT
'The Walking Dead' Inspires Man To Beat His 'Zombie' Friend To D
The Walking Dead fans were shocked when one of the show's most popular characters, Glenn Rhee, was killed off on Sunday night's episode. Even more shocking? AMC's zombie-apocalyptic horror television series inspired a Grants, New Mexico man to beat his friend to death because he thought he was turning into a zombie.

According to NBC, Damon Perry, and his friend Christopher Paquin, both 23, spent last Thursday binge-watching The Walking Dead while drinking "multiple 40-ounce bottles" of malt liquor.

Police reports indicate that Perry admitted to authorities that he beat his friend to death...

Was The Big Death On 'The Walking Dead' One Big Fake Out?

10/26/2015 8:40am EDT
Reasons Why The Death In 'Thank You' Is The Biggest Fake Out In
Two major things about the alleged death in “Thank You:” either 1) “The Walking Dead” made a massive misstep by giving a beloved character an unworthy death episode or 2) the show is resorting to “trick” deaths, which is a terrible sign for the overall creative direction. Whichever it ends up being, it doesn’t bode well for the direction of this season. First, the show started forced narrative gimmicks like the black and white flashbacks. And now this? After last week’s tremendous episode, this is extremely disappointing.

What it really looks like is one of the most obvious fake outs of al...

Badass Moments From Last Night's 'The Walking Dead'

10/19/2015 10:12am EDT
'The Walking Dead' Recap: Most Badass Moments Of 'JSS'
“JSS” would’ve been the perfect opening episode to season 6. While the actual premiere seemed to do more wrapping up of previous storylines than setting up the new season, this episode reintroduced the Alexandria Safe Zone residents, illustrated the brutality of the new mysterious antagonists The Wolves, presented new characters, and started up dynamics and arcs that will drive the rest of the season. Not to mention that the action sequences were a lot more satisfying than the art house presentation that was the last episode. It’s rare that an episode without Rick is this energetic and inte...

'The Walking Dead' Is Back! Check Out The Best Moments From The Premiere

10/12/2015 8:27am EDT
'The Walking Dead' Recap: The 5 Best Moments From Season 6 Premi
It’s a real shame that The Walking Dead decided to completely skip over the resolution to last season’s incredible cliffhanger. Season 5 ended with Deanna finally giving Rick consent to do things his way. (Ricktatorship forever!) Rick put down the madman, abuser Pete after he finally went too far, only to be confronted with the presence of Mr. Peace and Hope himself, Morgan, the person who knew Rick when he still had hope. Viewers spent the whole summer wondering how Morgan would react. How would Rick respond to seeing this familiar face after so long?

Unfortunately, the best we get is fla...

More Walkers & Big Conflicts Expected On 'The Walking Dead' Season 6

10/11/2015 7:10pm EDT
'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Spoilers, Start Time For 'TWD' Seaso
What time does The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere start and what can fans expect on Sunday night's 90-minute premiere? Another season of survivors vs. zombies begins at 9 p.m. ET on AMC, so get your popcorn ready.

Episode 1, titled First Time Again, will go back to the tragedies that took place in the chaotic Season 5 finale. Rick Grimes, Daryl and the other survivors in Alexandria will keep fighting against zombies, but there will be new twists and turns that will undoubtedly make the show a top trend on Twitter tonight. Expect to see a lot more walkers this season and some big conflicts ...

Most Popular Celebrity Pumpkin Carving Stencils For Halloween 2015

10/6/2015 7:54am EDT
Easy Pumpkin Carving Stencils: Donald Trump, 'Walking Dead,' 'St
Celebrity pumpkin carving patterns are in demand with Halloween less than a month away. Printable stencils and a set of carving tools will help transform your pumpkin into a Hollywood A-lister, a politician, or a character from your favorite movie or TV show.

Popular pumpkin carving stencils for 2015 include Donald Trump, Barack Obama, The Walking Dead zombies, Star Wars characters, One Direction, and Hillary Clinton. Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Elsa from Frozen are always a big hit, and there's always the old stand-by — a witch, a ghost or a haunted house.

There are plenty ...

These Two TV Stars Are Hooking Up

6/17/2015 2:16pm EDT
Norman Reedus & Emily Kinney
Norman Reedus is reportedly dating his former "Walking Dead" co-star Emily Kinney. The pair "had a connection early on in the show," an insider told Us Weekly, adding, "the romance developed recently. They're still pretty guarded about it."

The couple has clicked for quite some time -- both on set and off. The source added, "She always called him the sweetest guy on the set."

Kinney's character, Beth, had formed a close relationship with Reedus' character, Daryl Dixon, but Beth was killed off in 2014. Kinney she told Us in December: Everyone reached out, though I remember Norman texted me...

'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Finale Was Filled With Heart-Pounding Tension

3/30/2015 8:44am EDT
5 Badass Moments From 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Finale
If you didn’t end up sopped in nervous sweat by the end of “Conquer,” you may not have been paying attention. Nobody does heart-pounding tension like The Walking Dead and the season 5 finale had it in spades. Half of the show’s beloved characters were in mortal danger at one point, not that that’s anything new. But in a finale it feels like anything could happen. Rick be on their doorsteps in the last few moments. And you never know what a The Walking Dead finale’s biggest shocker is going to be.

“Conquer” sets up the next season’s arc better than any other of the show’s finales ever has....

What's AMC's 'Walking Dead' Spinoff Called?

3/28/2015 3:58pm EDT
The Walking Dead
AMC television's hit zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead has a spinoff on the way, and the title of the new show was officially announced on Fridya.

Fear The Walking Dead was announced by show creator Robert Kirkman on his Twitter page.

"IT'S OFFICIAL! The walking dead companion show on AMC is called FEAR THE WALKING DEAD! Expect more news very soon!" he tweeted.

The series will be a prequel that takes place in Los Angeles at the time of the zombie outbreak, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis will star in the show, along with Frank Dillane and Alycia...

'Walking Dead' Recap: A Genuine Shocker

3/23/2015 8:43am EDT
'The Walking Dead' Review: Five Badass Moments From 'Try'
The Walking Dead can feel predictable at times. There are inevitable moments that can make everything else feel like filler. We knew Rick and Shane would one day have an epic showdown, so everything in between was buildup. When Rick promised to kill Gareth with that axe, the audience only had to count the minutes until it actually happened exactly as expected. As soon as Pete was introduced, sitting in a shadowy silhouette on the porch, it was obvious to every regular TWD viewer that Rick would eventually kill him and everything else is just bidding time.

So, when the show manages to pull ...

5 Badass Moments From 'The Walking Dead' Sunday Night

3/16/2015 8:52am EDT
'The Walking Dead' Recap: 5 Badass Moments From 'Spend'
“Spend” took a huge risk when it sat out many of The Walking Dead’s biggest characters. For an episode so pivotal to the Alexandria arc, it doesn’t feature some of the show’s most important characters like Michonne, Carl, Sasha, and Daryl. Even Rick takes a backseat to most of the action, mostly reacting to the more personal dynamics in Alexandria. But unlike most episodes that focus on the show’s least used characters, “Spend” does so successfully.

The episode does a far better job showcasing the dynamics of Alexandria’s people and Rick’s group than the previous episode’s disastrous dinne...

Secrets Of 'The Walking Dead' Spinoff

3/10/2015 9:24am EDT
'The Walking Dead' Spinoff Gets Two-Season Order (First Photo)
"The Walking Dead" will get a series spinoff this summer. The show will be set in Los Angeles and has recieved a two-season order from AMC.

The first season will debut in late summer and consist of six one-hour episodes. The second season will air in 2016.

The show will be produced by Walking Dead execs Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero and David Alpert, along with "Sons of Anarchy’s" Dave Erickson, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“We feel empowered by this two-season commitment, a serious show of faith from our network partner AMC,” "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman s...

5 Badass Moments From Last Night's 'Walking Dead'

3/9/2015 10:07am EDT
'The Walking Dead' Recap: 5 Badass Moments From 'Forget'
It must be strange be to go to a party after years of living in a constant state of fear, always looking over your shoulder for a new threat. How do you act and interact with people? Do you bring gifts? Do you make small talk? (“I baked some cookies today. What did you do?” “Killed some animated dead dudes.” “Cool….did you see any pasta makers out there?”) What’s the post-apocalyptic party etiquette?

It’s even stranger that Deana practically forced the Alexandria newcomers to attend this pretty boring party with no real purpose but to acclimate the crew to normality. For somebody who is po...

'The Walking Dead' Review: 5 Badass Moments From 'Remember'

3/2/2015 9:15am EST
'The Walking Dead' Review: 5 Badass Moments From 'Remember'
Remember when Rick’s best friend and most trusted ally ended up being his worst enemy? Remember when the group found a safe location in the prison that they thought could sustain them with that puny garden and fenced walls? Remember when a charismatic one-eyed leader promised to take care of his people? Remember when Terminus was going to be the savior community? All of those things may have happened before, but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen again. Is it even possible for our group of survivors to ever feel safe again?

“Remember” explores that idea of acclimating to a society again a...

'Walking Dead' Actor Markice Moore Recovering From Suicide Attempt

2/23/2015 9:53am EST
'Walking Dead' Actor Markice Moore Recovering From Suicide Attem
Markice Moore, best known for his role as prison survivor Andrew on season 3 of the hit AMC series "The Walking Dead," attempted to commit suicide this week, TMZ reported. He survived.

The actor was found on Tuesday, Feb. 17 after an apparent overdose. Moore was later taken to the hospital where he was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold. He has since been released and is undergoing therapy.

The actor began his career in Hollywood in in 2006 in the film "ATL." He also appeared on the reality series "From G's To Gents." In three episodes of the long running AMC series, Moore played former p...

'The Walking Dead' Recap And Review: 5 Badass Moments From 'The Distance'

2/23/2015 9:35am EST
'The Walking Dead' Recap: 5 Badass Moments From 'The Distance'
A safe location, the promise of food and safety, and new characters who don’t look like they slept in the gutter for a month? Things are looking up for both the group and the viewers. After years and years in Atlanta, encountering the same walker-filled wooded area, with the potential for the same type of villains, the group has finally gotten somewhere new. There’s a lot of exciting potential for the future of this show, but its success all depends on the next episode and on the characters that are introduced there. The Governor and the hipster cannibals were terrific antagonists, so those...

'The Walking Dead': 5 Badass Moments From 'Them'

2/16/2015 9:00am EST
'The Walking Dead' Recap: 5 Badass Moments From 'Them'
It’s fitting that the slowest episode of The Walking Dead is the one where the gang most resembles walkers. The crew is trudging towards Washington DC fueled by their last remaining energy. Without a car, food, clean water, or much hope left, the gang is barely surviving as they inch towards their destination. They’re also all dealing with the recent loss of two of their group. To say morale is low would be an understatement.

Although “Them” is by far the slowest episode of the season, and perhaps the entire series, it made way for some pivotal moments. The episode felt like it was trying ...

'The Walking Dead' Recap: 5 Badass Moments From 'What Happened And What's Going On'

2/9/2015 8:24am EST
'The Walking Dead' Recap: 5 Badass Moments From 'What Happened A
Wow. What an episode to open the second half of the season. Although it started off feeling like a new art school graduates attempt to be deep, all of the pieces eventually came together to make a stunning episode. Not only did “What Happened and What’s Going On” advance the plot quite a bit and introduce a possible new danger, it was also a beautiful send off to a character who never really got a chance to be his best self. Only The Walking Dead could manage to make a slow episode also exhilarating and filled with tension. If this is the quality we can expect from the rest of the season, n...

10 Things We Want to See On The Rest Of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5

2/8/2015 3:01pm EST
10 Things We Want to See On The Rest Of 'The Walking Dead' Seaso
The first half The Walking Dead season 5 was undeniable proof that the new showrunner, Scott Gimple, was the perfect person to put at the helm of AMC’s biggest show. TWD has only improved throughout the season, giving us better drama, more satisfying action sequences, and a greater understanding of the characters than ever before. Carol’s transformation from timid mother to full-out Rambo, the introduction of Abraham and his out-of-state mission, and the constant evolution of Rick as a leader have been highlights of a constantly interesting season.

With the second half approaching, we have...

8 Killer 'Walking Dead' Facts You Didn't Know

1/18/2015 3:00pm EST
8 Killer 'Walking Dead' Facts You Didn't Know - Behind The Scene
AMC's The Walking Dead is well into its fifth season and is still pulling in great reviews from critics and fans alike. The comic book turned TV series has had some great plotlines over the years, but there's been some great stories behind the scenes of the show as well.

Here are 8 facts about The Walking Dead that you probably didn't know.

Zombies Are Friendly to the Environment

Those zombies may look like they're out to destroy everything in sight, but the costumes themselves are actually very friendly to Planet Earth.

Set managers for The Walking Dead focus on running as "green" of a...

The Goriest Deaths You Won't Believe They Got Away With On Network TV

1/4/2015 4:00pm EST
The Goriest Deaths You Won't Believe They Got Away With On Netwo
TV used to have rules. On pay cable- your HBOs, your Cinemaxes- anything and everything is fair play.

Want to turn a TV show into softcore porn? Watch a man's skull pop in the grip of a man-mountain? Replace an entire scene's worth of dialogue with nothing but F-bombs?

Go for it. It's pay cable- no one can stop you.

But the other TV stations- the kinder, gentler ones that don't cost a bundle on top of your normal cable bill each month- those are supposed to tone down the violence.

Not anymore. Now, the same network that once brought you "Friends" brings an assembly line of severed faces...

TV's 10 Best Female Characters Of 2014

12/27/2014 11:43am EST
Television's 10 Best Female Characters Of 2014
No more simple sidekicks. No more dopey love interests with no purpose other than mooning over the smoldering leading man. Female characters have come a long way. From the anti-hero badasses who don’t mind destroying lives if it means getting their way to intelligent, compassionate women with ambition, 2014 was home to dozens of amazing female characters. These women push boundaries, more than hold their own against their male counterparts, and entertain audiences all over.

While it was tough to narrow down the barrage of awesome women to a short list, we have the 10 best female characters...

2014: Television's Most Shocking Moments

12/26/2014 4:00pm EST
Television's Most Shocking Moments Of 2014
Television creators, writers, and producers are constantly attempting to grab headlines with shocking moments that outdo their previous seasons and outshine the competition. 2014 was no different, with dozens of jaw dropping and instantly unforgettable twists and turns. Here are the top moments that made us gasp, cry, cheer, and stayed with us long after our screens went dark. Beware there are tons of spoilers to be found within.

The Good Wife’s Shocking Departure

Alicia Florrick and Will Gardner were meant to be. Typically, a television series introduces a love interest and then takes ...

Kim Dickens Heads Up 'Walking Dead' Spinoff Series

12/24/2014 10:17am EST
Kim Dickens
"Gone Girl" star Kim Dickens is set to play the female lead in the forthcoming "Walking Dead" spinoff.

The actress will join actor Cliff Curtis in the as-yet-untitled series pilot, which is called "Cobalt" for now, and all the zombie action will move from Georgia to a west coast setting.

According to, Dickens beat out several other actresses who read for the role. She'll play a guidance counselor named Nancy Tompkins, who is also a single mother of two teens.

Robert Kirkman, who created "The Walking Dead" graphic novel which the series is based upon, co-created the series sp...

'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale: 10 Badass Moments

12/1/2014 8:29am EST
'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale Recap: 10 Badass Moments Fro
As far as credible threats go, the Hospital Officers were probably the least effective villains The Walking Dead has ever had. For a big part of the season, they were really only a threat to Beth, who, at the time, was one of the least developed characters on the show, barely earning the credit of being a main character. While the season took great pains to build up Beth, it couldn’t make Dawn and her rapist officers memorable antagonists. Gareth and his band of cannibals were far more frightening, even if they only lasted three episodes total. If there’s one major fault in the first half o...