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Not Pictured
Veronica ends up in mortal danger after learning the identity of the person responsible for the fatal school bus crash. Meanwhile, Keith asks Veronica for help in his continuing investigation into Woody Goodman's dealings, sending her in to find some dirt from the office of Woody's lawyer, and Neptune High's graduation comes around and segues into a giant post-graduation celebration.

Driver Ed
When a tragic death is ruled a suicide by Neptune's Sheriff Lamb, Veronica attempts to bring the victim's family some closure by proving that the death was not a suicide. Meanwhile, a new student, Jackie Cook, begins school and finds in Wallace a willing partner for her pursuit of the one who dented her car in Neptune High's parking lot, while mayoral hopeful Woody Goodman persists in convincing Keith to run for sheriff.

Happy Go Lucky
Aaron Echolls' trial comes to a close, and Logan, Keith and Veronica all serve as witnesses for the prosecution. Meanwhile, Sheriff Lamb balks at Keith's attempt to give him some damning evidence against Woody Goodman, assuming that Keith only wishes to humiliate him, and the school custodian, Lucky, tries to find Gia at Neptune High with the aid of a pistol.

Rat Saw God
While Logan awaits his trial for the murder of Lilly Kane, Abel Koontz pays Veronica a visit in hopes that she can track down his missing daughter, which leads her to visit Kane Software. Keith sweats out the sheriff's race results as the election day draws to a close. Meanwhile, Duncan is also charged with a murder, after a witness puts him at the scene of the killing of biker Felix Tombs.

I Am God
Veronica is haunted by a dream in which the dead classmates of the bus crash are coming to visit her. Meanwhile, Logan and Weevil try to use their science project to get Veronica a possible scholarship, while Keith is brought in by Principal Clemmons to look into a mysterious ailment that students are using to get out of exams.

Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang
Cassidy Casablancas hires Veronica to look into the possibility that his stepmother, Kendall, is having an affair, but the truth is more revealing than either could have imagined. Veronica also inadvertently learns more about the town's recent tragic death while over at Logan's place. Meanwhile, Keith and Alicia take a trip to Chicago and, to Veronica's chagrin, Wallace starts to date Jackie.

Nevermind the Buttocks
Veronica looks into the matter of a student's dog, run over by a car, which brings about the unearthing of some dark, previously unknown information.

Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle
Wallace must seek the assistance of Veronica when a former basketball teammate from his old Chicago high school and his uncle try to frame him for a hit and run accident. Meanwhile, Weevil tries to get Veronica to go to confession to find out some dirt on the Fighting Fitzpatricks, and Veronica and Keith manage to link Terrance Cook with the teacher killed in the bus crash.

Ahoy, Mateys!
Veronica teams up with Keith to discover the identity of those responsible for tormenting a couple, currently suing the local school district, whose child was killed in the fatal bus crash. Veronica also finds herself in hot water with the Irish mob after taking on Logan's murder case at his request. Meanwhile, Weevil's biker gang begins to have doubts about his strength as a leader.

Blast From the Past
A wary Veronica tries to get better acquainted with Jackie, as she's Wallace's new girlfriend, and ends up on a psychic TV show in her efforts to help Jackie find the one who swiped her credit card. Meanwhile, Veronica discovers there is a voice recording of one of the bus accident victims, made just at the time of the accident, and Wallace requests that Alicia reveal the name of his real father.

The Rapes of Graff
Veronica bumps into Troy while taking a college tour with Wallace, but he soon comes to her for help when someone accuses him of date rape on the campus. Meanwhile, Logan's life begins to intensify with his legal troubles and an escalating romance with Hannah, while Keith tries to help Cliff out of a sticky jam.

Versatile Toppings
Veronica's help is sought when a menacing blackmailer threatens to out Neptune High's gay community unless a nominal fee is paid. Meanwhile, Logan tries to woo Hannah, while Keith continues to search for evidence in the bus crash and takes on a case for Terrance Cook.

My Mother, the Fiend
While reorganizing the school file cabinets as part of a punishment for breaking into the main office, Veronica stumbles upon her mother's folder and gains a radically different insight into her life. Trina returns to Neptune to take on directing chores for a Neptune High play in the midst of production on a TV movie about her father's life and immediately clashes with Logan over his fling with Kendall. Logan, meanwhile, is confronted by Weevil over the killing of Felix.

The Quick and the Wed
Veronica looks into the circumstances that led the sister of Wallace's girlfriend Jane to become a runaway bride, but the situation isn't what it appears to be. Meanwhile, Kendall throws an option on the table for Aaron Echolls, who continues to sit in jail, and Keith and Veronica decide to give their newest evidence about the bus accident to Sherriff Lamb.

Donut Run
An FBI agent comes to Neptune with a team in tow, hoping to locate Duncan, who has ended his relationship with Veronica and headed out of town with Meg's baby. Meanwhile, Logan tries to mastermind a plan to find out which one of Weevil's gang set him up for murder, and Wallace explains the sad circumstances of his return to town.

Normal is the Watchword
Veronica tries to get back to a normal life following the encounter with Lilly Kane's murderer and a visit from an unexpected guest. Wallace is thrown off the basketball team under the suspicion of drug use, which brings Veronica back to detective work once more. Meanwhile, Keith talks to reporter Julie Chen about his new book on the murder, while Logan tries to forget his father's murder trial by going off to rest at the family mansion with some friends and their stepmom.

Green-Eyed Monster
Veronica takes on the case of a woman who believes her fiancé is only after her money, using herself as sexy bait to trap him. Veronica uses work to help quell her conflicted feelings about Duncan. Meanwhile, Alicia asks Keith for help with a stranger who has come a little too close for comfort, while Weevil comes clean to Veronica about a tip-off he received concerning a bus accident.

Look Who's Stalking
Veronica tries to determine who may be stalking Gia, but Keith tries to dissuade her from getting involved due to the possibility of shady activities on Woody's part. Woody, meanwhile, finds a woman sprawled out and unconscious in his motel room and tries to get Keith to help the incident stay out of the media glare, and Logan throws his own makeshift prom when Principal Clemmons nixes the school prom for reasons related to alcohol misuse.

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner
Veronica goes undercover as a babysitter when she learns that Meg, who lies in a coma, was babysitting a child of abuse before ending up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Kendall's stepsons zone in on their trust fund accounts, while Logan continues to occupy his time sleeping with Kendall, and Woody persists in trying to reason with Keith.

Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough
Veronica is forced to find Neptune High's Winter Carnival profits after the money is pilfered while under her watch. When Jackie is put in the hot seat over the crime, Veronica is compelled to come to her defense. Keith grills Terrence Cook about the bus crash and his questionable history. Meanwhile, Logan makes a play for a sophomore girl, while Beaver bears the brunt of Dick's taunts.

One Angry Veronica
Veronica is put on jury duty, where she is torn over how to deliberate on the case of two wealthy locals accused of beating up a Hispanic woman. Meanwhile, Mayor Woody Goodman asks Keith for help in finding some Aaron Echolls/Lilly Kane homemade sex videos that were swiped from the Neptune Police precinct.

Plan B
Weevil seeks Veronica's help in finally tracking down Felix's killer. Meanwhile, Logan's winning essay in a contest scores him the opportunity to work under Mayor Goodman as an honorary Neptune deputy, while a Sadie Hawkins dance at school stirs up romantic feelings among the students.

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