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Mars vs. Mars
When an overbearing female student accuses a beloved teacher of sexual harassment, Keith is hired by the girl's parents to look into her case, which forces Veronica to place her loyalty to the teacher squarely above her loyalty to her father in the matter. Meanwhile, a suspicious Logan asks Veronica to help him assess the tabloid rags' persistent claim that his mother is really alive, and Veronica discovers a little more about Duncan's secret medical problems.

Weapons of Class Destruction
After a number of fire drills go off at Neptune High, Veronica discovers the plot of a bomb threat, so she utilizes Mac and Wallace's help to determine which, if any, students might be a threat to school security. Meanwhile, Veronica is hit with a barrage of questions by Duncan about her involvement in figuring out his sister's death, and Keith reveals the mystery identity of his new girlfriend.

The Girl Next Door
Veronica investigates the disappearance of a young pregnant woman who shared an apartment in the building with an overly-aggressive boyfriend, a case which Keith takes on after the girl's estranged mother and father grow concerned. Logan and Weevil end up in detention together after a heated discussion with a teacher gets out of hand and soon learn that they have a few interesting things in common with one another. Meanwhile, an assignment for a class leads Veronica to inadvertently find out that Jake Kane dated her mother in high school.

The Return of Kane
Veronica digs into the school student council president election after foul play appears to be involved in Duncan's election over a well-liked, but underprivileged student. Logan creates trouble for his famous actor parents, Aaron and Lynne, when it's discovered that he has been setting up boxing bouts involving the homeless. Meanwhile, Lilly's murderer awaits execution, but new information regarding the crime scene casts an increasing doubt over his admittance of guilt.

You Think You Know Somebody
Veronica tries to help new squeeze Troy track down his dad's stolen car, enlisting Weevil's help in the process, but time is of the essence when she learns that after Troy's buddy Luke took the car, he may have left a piñata full of illegal steroids inside. Meanwhile, Veronica's discovery of a safety deposit box key brings her closer to learning why her mother left.

Meet John Smith
Veronica tries to sort out her feelings for new love interest, Troy, even while old feelings for her ex-boyfriend Duncan linger. James is called in by Veronica's guidance counselor, Rebecca James, in order to get a better handle on how Veronica is handling this difficult period of her life. Duncan, meanwhile, is still dealing the murder of his sister one year ago.

17-year old Veronica Mars attempts to get through high school while doing some private investigating work on the side, examining the underbelly of her California hometown. When Veronica helps new student Wallace Fennel, who has been strapped to a flagpole by the local gang bullies led by Eli "Weevil" Navarro, she finds herself in the middle of a conflict between the two sides, must figure out how to smooth out the situation for all involved.

Silence of the Lamb
Veronica learns that her outsider classmate Mac was switched at birth with the child of a more affluent family, and wonders whether or not Keith is her real father. Keith, meanwhile is reluctanctly brought in by Sheriff Lamb to help out when a serial killer returns to Neptune, while Veronica tries to find out more about Lilly's murder by flirting with a young officer in the department.

Clash of the Tritons
Veronica is accused of giving a fake I.D. to a student who went into an alcohol-related coma, which leads her to investigate the real source of the I.D.s. Her discovery of a secret organization, however, may involve Duncan and be the source of the trouble. Meanwhile, Aaron Echolls hires Keith to help track down whoever has been sending damaging photos of Lynn to the tabloids.

Kane's and Abel's
Veronica decides to discover the culprit behind Sabrina's sabotaged study time when it becomes clear that someone doesn't want her to excel in school and become valedictorian. Veronica also goes further into Lilly's murder with a lead that could nullify Abel Koontz's admission of guilt, just as Logan happens upon Veronica's files on the case. Meanwhile, Keith is approached about doing business by a shady private investigator.

An Echolls Family Christmas
When Weevil's winning pot disappears at the end of a poker night at Logan's, Veronica examines the clues and events surrounding the night to figure out which player is the thief. Meanwhile, as the Echolls' annual Christmas party approaches, Lynn Echolls hires Keith to track someone who could possibly be stalking Aaron.

Leave it to Beaver
Veronica's life is put in harm's way when she goes deeper into solving the mystery of Lilly Kane's murder, but the cost of finding out the truth may cost her a close friendship. Meanwhile, Jake Kane offers Duncan the chance to glimpse into the night of Lilly's death, and Keith anxiously awaits paternity test results.

Credit Where Credit's Due
Veronica and Wallace investigate the police's claim that Weevil is conducting a credit card scam on the Echolls. Meanwhile, Veronica lands herself a journalism gig on the school paper.

Like a Virgin
Veronica utilizes the abilities of a computer whiz to help a tarnished cheerleader's reputation after a hacker spreads the results of a well-worn "purity test" among the Neptune High community. Meanwhile, Keith aids Wallace and his mother after an uncontrollable tenant in their building causes problems, while Veronica visits Lily's imprisoned confessed killer.

A Trip to the Dentist
Veronica canvases a slew of friends and enemies to figure out what happened exactly on the night she was drugged at Shelly Pomroy's house one year earlier. Alicia must talk to Keith after her job at Kane Software is jeopardized by Veronica and Wallace's bad behavior. Meanwhile, Aaron Echolls surprises a whole lot of people, including his son, when he decides to throw Logan a surprise birthday bash.

When the boyfriend of Veronica's classmate threatens to post an embarrassing video of the girl on the internet if she decides to dump him, Veronica gets involved and tries to create a scenario that would give her leverage against his pulling such a move. Meanwhile, Keith tries to find Duncan after his parents put up a reward for his return, and Veronica learns some frightening new tidbits about what happened on the night she was unknowingly drugged.

Ruskie Business
Veronica takes on two matters of the heart when she tries to discover the identity of her friend Meg's secret crush and locate the missing fiancé of a Russian bride. Meanwhile, a still active credit card of Lynn Echolls' leads Veronica and Logan to a Los Angeles hotel in hopes of tracking her down.

The Wrath of Con
When Veronica tries to assist Wallace's latest crush, Georgia, who is the victim of an internet scam, she must use her wits to stealthily navigate around a group of computer hustlers known as the Silicon Mafia.

Betty and Veronica
Veronica has a tearful reunion with her mother, and afterwards is brought in to solve the case of Neptune High's missing sports mascot, Polly the Parrot, allegedly swiped on the evening before a big game with a rival team. Veronica also takes things up a notch with Deputy Leo and reexamines Keith's interview tapes on the Kanes after coming to believe that the Kane family reunion is somewhat suspect. Meanwhile, Duncan and Meg's relationship gets more serious.

Hot Dogs
In the midst of helping classmate Mandy find a Jack Russell terrier, Veronica discovers that there is a larger mystery surrounding something that is happening to all the pets in Neptune. Meanwhile, Trina Echolls tries to get retired Aaron to act in her boyfriend's film, while Weevil is arrested after stealing an artifact of Lilly's from the Kane house.

Drinking the Kool-Aid
Keith and Veronica are hired by the parents of a popular Neptune High student to go undercover inside a cult-like unit and track down their son who, to all appearances, seemingly became an entirely different person and decided to move to the group's communal farm.

Lord of the Bling
When Veronica and Keith are hired by hip-hop artist Percy "Bone" Hamilton to find his abducted daughter, the two begin to examine the possibilities for her disappearance, including Bone's many enemies, disgruntled family members, and the daughter's clique at Neptune High. Meanwhile, after Lynne Echolls is thought to have killed herself, Logan is forced to endure his father Aaron's grief during the process of arranging her memorial service.

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