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Tara makes a plan to earn her college degree, while Kate begins planning for the next phase of her life. Meanwhile, Charmaine avoids committing to Neil, and Marshall and Lionel purchase a video camera together.

Tara transitions in the middle of her psychology class, and is humiliated by the professor. Max gets a tempting business offer, and Kate wants to teach English in Japan.

The Full Fuck You Finger
Tara transitions at particularly bad time for Charmaine. Max seeks the approval of his eccentric mother, and Kate's travel plans are thwarted by an unexpected event.

Tara and Charmaine are rushed to the hospital. Tara tries to make a deal with her alters, and Lionel and Noah take advantage of Charmaine's empty house.

Dr. Hatteras' Miracle Elixir
Tara tries to drop out of her psychology class, while Max finds himself at odds with his boss. Meanwhile, Charmaine and Neil struggle with their relationship, and Kate trains to become a flight attendant.

The Road to Hell Is Paved With Breast Intentions
Dr. Hattaras makes a disturbing discovery on a tape from one of Tara's therapy sessions. Neil invites Charmaine's mother to visit, irking Charmaine. Max can't talk to Tara about his frustrations at work, and Kate finds her flirting doesn't work on everyone.

The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp
Tara tries to convince Max to get his old rock band back together. Dr. Hattaras refuses to see Tara. Kate makes a connection with Evan, and Marshall and Noah interview Max for their project.

Chicken 'n' Corn
Max and Marshall take a trip to New York. A mysterious new alter threatens Charmaine's baby and piques the interest of Dr. Hattaras.

Bryce Will Play
Dr. Hattaras enlists another expert to help him with Tara and her new alter, Bryce. Marshall's short film screens in New York, and it hurts Max's feelings. Charmaine befriends a group of young mothers.

Train Wreck
Max and Marshall come back home. Tara tries to conceal her new alter, Bryce. Neil gets an out-of-state job offer.

Crunchy Ice
One by one, Bryce kills off all of Tara's alters. Marshall adjusts to living with his grandmother. Kate spends more time with Evan. Nail asks Charmaine to make a big change for him.

The Good Parts
Tara and Max decide to relocate to Boston so Tara can get the help she needs from a specialist. Marshall has to figure out where he will live and finish school. Kate is surprised when Evan asks her to move to St. Louis with him. Neil and Charmaine prepare for their move to Houston over the objections of Charmaine's friend, Abby.

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