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From This Day Forward

You Becoming You
Tara seeks a new therapist. Max struggles with Buck's infidelity.

Open House
Tara and Charmaine ask their mother about childhood memories.

To Have and To Hold
Tara and Charmaine visit the woman from Tara's memories. Marshall begins to fall for Lionel.

The Family Portrait
Tara hopes a family portrait will heal the family. Max distances himself from Pammy. Kate meets a man online.

A shocking event in the neighborhood reveals Tara's family secrets.

Shoshana takes charge and reveals long-buried secrets during a tornado.

Trouble Junction
Tara keeps her condition a secret. Max decides to flip the house. Charmaine asks to move in.

The Truth Hurts
The truth emerges about Tara's alters. An alter brings out a new side of Max.

Explosive Diorama
Tara prepares for an art show. Kate starts a controversial new business. Max makes a life-changing decision.

Dept of F'd Up Family Services
A social worker's visit has Max in a tailspin. Tara horns in on Kate's friendship with Lynda.

Doin' Time
Tara discovers that she is aware while Shoshana takes over. Kate's music video is an internet hit.

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