Tyler Perry's House of Payne Episode Guides

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I Don't Know This Payne
Ella and Rosie land jobs at the mall boutique as a means of seeking their independence and financial strength. Meanwhile, Curtis and Carlos become closer with all this new found man-time together, until they start missing their wives.

Back where we Belong
Curtis and Calvin live at the barber shop and get in everybody's way. Floyd finds out that Zach has been sleeping with Olivia.

Payneful Employment
C.J. interviews for a fire chief job in New Jersey. Kiki convinces Floyd to hire her ex-con brother.

Slightly Payneful Truth
Malik offers to teach Calvin's illiterate friend how to read. A new barber at the shop catches the attention of Dana and Kiki.

Old Lady Paynes
An impending visit from her hard-to-please mother makes Ella nervous. Floyd's first wife, who he thought had been dead for 12 years, shows up at the barber shop.

Help Wanted
Miranda, still torn about Calvin's kiss with Mercedes, meets a woman who may not be who she claims.

Moving Day
With their house unhabitable, Curtis, Ella and Malik must move in with Calvin and Miranda. Floyd's 22-year-old daughter comes to the barber shop.

Paul Mall
Ella meets a man at the mall where she works. Diego asks Calvin and Miranda to check out the guy Mercedes has been seeing.

With Friends Like These
Malik makes a friend, Jeremy, who is HIV-positive. When Jeremy gets harassed at school, Malik comes to his defense. Meanwhile, Rosie gets sick and Consuela becomes her temporary replacement at the boutique.

Payne and Prejudice
It's a culture clash and a culinary conflict when the Paynes have dinner at the Hernandez home. At the barbershop, Dana's falsehoods come back to haunt her.

A Sister's Payne
After he returns to the shop, Kiki's brother disappears. Malik and Alex find a way around the no-date rule.

Bringing Down the House
The foundation of the Payne house desperately needs repair, and the discount contractor Curtis hires does even more damage.

Surprise! Part 2
When Calvin tries to fix the mess he is in with Miranda, the conflict worsens.

Casa De Payne
Claretha surprises Ella with news that she has married a prince. The Paynes get new neighbors.

Joy and Payne
The Paynes get caught in the middle of a Hernandez family confrontation. Floyd loses the barber shop in a poker game.

Labor Paynes, Part 2
While in labor, Janine worries about her baby being born out of wedlock so the double wedding is moved to the hospital.

Payneful Loss
Ella and Rosie conspire to get themselves and their husbands to lose weight and get healthier.

The Fugitive
Calvin and Miranda help Diego after he gets into a fight.

The Talent Show
When budget cuts put Curtis' fire house on the chopping block, a large fundraising effort must save it.

A Grand Payne
Malik asks Alex out on a date, but their parents insist they be supervised. Janine's parents visit to see the new twins.

Payneful News
Calvin and Miranda run into problems when they try to have a baby.

Moving Out
Miranda gets angry with Calvin over his escapades with Mercedes. Curtis and Ella quarrel over Ella's job.

It's a Payne Growing Up
C.J. suspects that Malik is the cause of a syphilis outbreak at his school. Miranda pushes Calvin to be more considerate toward her.

Surprise! Part 1
When Calvin gets the $20,000 needed to repair his parents' house, he surprises them with the check.

Your Wife's a Payne
Calvin and Miranda argue over his ownership in the barbershop and his authority to make changes.

Labor Paynes, Part 1
Janine goes into labor, resulting in surprises and white-knuckle moments, as a double wedding uniting CJ and Janine, plus Calvin and Miranda, swiftly changes locations to the hospital.

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