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Corey Haim Died Of Natural Causes

5/4/2010 9:51pm EDT
Corey Haim
Actor Corey Haim died of natural causes, according to findings by Los Angeles Coroners officials.

Reports suggested "The Lost Boys" star died of a drug overdose in March, but a full toxicology investigation has ruled the narcotics in the star's system at the time of his death did not kill him.

Instead, a bad heart and pneumonia caused the tragedy, along with a blood flow issue.

Haim's longtime pal starpulse suggested natural causes when he spoke out about his friend's death a day after he was pronounced dead at a Burbank, California hospital.

Feldman insisted Haim may have suffered kidn...

Corey Haim Was A Walking Pharmacy

4/6/2010 9:08pm EDT
Corey Haim
Late actor Corey Haim obtained at least 553 pills of powerful prescription medications from seven different doctors in the last month of his life, according to California’s attorney general.

Jerry Brown has released details of an investigation into Haim's drug use, revealing the Lost Boys star visited physicians across the state in a desperate bid to obtain pills.

Calling Haim, "the poster child for the problem" of "doctor-shopping", Brown also told reporters the actor often used an alias.

Among the pills on Haim's drug list, obtained between February 2 and March 5, were Valium, Vicodin ...

Corey Feldman Pens Moving Open Letter To Corey Haim

3/16/2010 10:41pm EDT
Corey Feldman wrote an emotional message to his late pal and co-star Corey Haim on the day of his funeral, telling his tragic friend how his "heart is so broken" since his death last week.

The "Lost Boys" star was found unconscious at his mother's home in Los Angeles in the early hours of Wednesday morning and pronounced dead on arrival at St. Joseph's hospital in Burbank, California.

Family and close friends gathered to bid farewell to Haim at a private burial in his native Toronto, Canada on Tuesday, but his regular film collaborator Feldman decided to stay away from the memorial to ens...

Corey Feldman Won't Attend Corey Haim's Funeral

3/15/2010 8:49pm EDT
Corey Feldman will not be among mourners attending the funeral of his best friend and movie co-star Corey Haim, who died of a suspected drug overdose in Los Angeles last week.

The "Lost Boys" star was found unconscious at his mother's home in Los Angeles in the early hours of Wednesday morning and was pronounced dead upon arrival at St. Joseph's hospital in Burbank, California.

Childhood pal Feldman has revealed he woke up to the sad news and spent the morning sobbing about the tragedy, but, despite his grief, the "Goonies" actor has announced he will stay away from the star's burial serv...

Nicole Eggert Wants To Track Down Corey Haim's Molester

3/12/2010 2:39pm EST
Nicole Eggert
Actor Corey Haim's ex-girlfriend Nicole Eggert has launched a one-woman crusade to track down the pervert who ruined the "Lost Boys" star's life by molesting him when he was a teenager.

The former "Baywatch" babe has revealed she was dating Haim around the time of the sex acts her late ex alluded to in interviews and during a heated discussion with pal Corey Feldman on an episode of their reality TV show "The Two Coreys."

Eggert insists she has no idea what was going on at the time, but now she's sickened by the thought of what was going on behind closed doors in the house where she use...

Corey Feldman Devastated Over Corey Haim's Death

3/10/2010 11:22pm EST
Corey Feldman
Actor Corey Feldman has been left devastated by the death of his friend, namesake and co-star Corey Haim, revealing he was woken with the terrible news on Wednesday.

Haim reportedly suffered a drug overdose at his home in Oakwood, California in the early hours of Wednesday morning and was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at St Joseph's hospital in Burbank.

Feldman, the 38 year old's co-star in "The Lost Boys", "License To Drive", "Last Resort" and reality TV show "The Two Coreys", reveals he learned of his pal's death as he woke up.

He says, "I was awakened at 8:30 this morning ...