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'Twisted' Review: 'The Fest And The Furious'

July 10th, 2013 7:40pm EDT
Ever wonder what a random blogger thinks about your favorite show? Well, wonder no more. During the slow summer months, I'll tune into random shows and write about them. This continues with ABC Family's Twisted, a series most notable for the ABC Family's intense narrator during the promos ("FRIENDSHIPS WILL BE TESTED!").

I don't care that Denise Richard's character threw the important necklace into the water. I don't care that Danny's the pariah of the town, that he divides not only the town but the family of the police chief, or that he cuts a banana using a comically large knife. I tuned...

'Twisted' S1, E5 Recap: [SPOILER] Jo's Affection For Danny

July 10th, 2013 9:49am EDT
Things seem to be spicing up in Danny’s world. He’s usually attracting everyone’s attention, but now some of it may not be negative.

Fall Festival has arrived and the biggest topic at the town meeting is whether Danny can attend the festivities or not. While the town debates his presence, Karen doubts Danny after she finds that he has hidden the necklace in their home. She even goes as far as visiting his therapist to question about psychopaths and the signs that point towards one.

This episode is also the revelation episode of Jo’s attraction to Danny. Not caring the years before, Jo dec...

'Twisted' S1, E3 Recap: [SPOILER] Making New Friends

July 1st, 2013 10:32am EDT
Another week, another “Twisted” episode. Not much of a surprise, the episode was bland for a mystery show. Heads up, you may think my recap is awfully short compared to the last one, but much didn’t happen .

The topic of the night was teenage sobriety. Students at the high school have the option of either writing an essay about drunk driving or acting in a skit. Per usual, the “popular” crowd decided to take the play route and school focused kids, including Jo, wrote their essays. Jo wanting to spice things up in her life decided that it was time for her to make friends. She started by joi...

'Twisted' Pilot Recap- [SPOILER] Who Killed Who?

June 17th, 2013 1:23pm EDT
Summer is always in full swing with ABC Family, and it’s no surprise that their new drama/thriller, Twisted, pulled in 1.61 viewers for the premiere night. But was that enough to prove that the show will have future success? I would assume no. The show is up against the likes of Pretty Little Liars, which almost 3 million viewers tuned into this week. But I do see some potential in "Twisted" and it’s enough to guarantee a whole season.

The show begins with a flashback at what the story is centered on, a murder. If you ask me, a great opener to keep the audience engaged. 11-year-old Danny (...

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