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Showtime Renews 'Tudors,' 'American Life;' Green Lights Tracey Ullman Series

April 17th, 2007 9:59am EDT
Tracey Ullman
On the heels of the unprecedented critical acclaim for Showtime's original series The Tudors and This American Life, the network is announcing that both series have been renewed for second seasons. Additionally, the network has also greenlighted five episodes of a new sketch comedy series from the incomparable Tracey Ullman, tentatively titled State Of The Union.

With a 10-episode order and production slated to begin in Dublin, Ireland this spring, The Tudors took Showtime subscribers and the media by storm when it premiered April 1st, generating record viewership.

This American ...

Memorable Celebrity Quotes

April 16th, 2007 4:00pm EDT
Paris Hilton
"I love to go to my ranches, go fishing, play in the mud, go on dirt bikes, play ice hockey. I'm not like what people think of me." Socialite Paris Hilton insists she does more than just party and shop.

"It's in process. Like a great dish, it needs simmering it needs loving care, it needs attention." Kim Cattrall on plans to revive Sex & The City as a new movie.

"If it had a subtitle, it would be One Upon A Time... In Nazi-Occupied France." Moviemaker Quentin Tarantino on his upcoming spaghetti-western-themed war movie, Inglorious Bastards.

"I was the leader of a gang that...

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Gives Henry VIII A Makeover

April 9th, 2007 1:13pm EDT
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has defended his casting as famously overweight English king Henry VIII, insisting US audiences don't want to watch an obese royal. The Irish heartthrob is playing the 16th century tyrant - who married six times - in TV Series The Tudors, which shows a sexed up side to Tudor England.

Rhys-Meyers says, "You're trying to sell a historical period drama to a country like America, you don't want a big, fat, 250 pounds, red haired guy with a beard. It doesn't let people embrace the fantastic monarch he was because they're not attracted to the package. Heroes do not look...

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