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'True Blood' Series Finale Recap: Fangs For The Memories

8/25/2014 7:20am EDT
'True Blood' Series Finale Recap: Fangs For The Memories
Yep, it's over. HBO's very bloody action/drama/comedy/horror series is finally at rest, and you're free to walk the streets of Bon Temps unafraid once more. That's not actually true seeing as, in the True Blood universe, vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, maeneads, and incredibly annoying fairies still live in the world. Don't you kinda wish you lived there?

The final ep was sad but sweet. A little too much focus on Sarah Newlin (uh, Lafayette? Lafayette anybody?), but everything got pretty much handled. It was a happy ending for most. And before anyone asks (who am I kidding, they ...

‘True Blood’ Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: Suicidal Toddlers

8/18/2014 2:02pm EDT
‘True Blood’ Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: Suicidal Toddlers
Previously - Hoyt and Jessica re-connected. Eric used Sarah Newlin to cure himself of Hep-V. Vampire Bill Compton inspired a Bon Temps-wide eyeroll when he refused to take the cure.

Ah, it’s the penultimate episode of this epic vampire saga. "Love Is To Die" was sort of necessary but somewhat low-key, obviously intended to clear the decks of all of our secondary characters’ needs, wants, and problems. It also gave Eric some time to show some depth beyond “I’m going to eat Sarah Newlin's face!!” and displaying airbrushed disease veins.

As often happens on True Blood, we start off where we ...

Summer TV 2014's Top Villains!

8/17/2014 6:00pm EDT
Summer TV 2014's Top Villains!
You can’t have a good TV show without a villain. Even if it’s a reality show about making widgets, there’s got to be an evil widget in the mix making trouble for the rest of em’. With Summer 2014’s television season just about to set, we thought it would be fun to talk a look back and see which television evil-doers positively sizzled!

In no particular order (here there be spoilers!) …

Thomas Eichorst - The Strain (FX)

If you've been watching FX’s schlocky end-of-the-world vampire drama The Strain you've probably enjoyed Richard Sammel's chilly portrayal of the head vamp’s slithery ass...

The Most Talked About Characters On 'True Blood' This Season Are...

8/17/2014 6:52am EDT
The Most Talked About Characters On 'True Blood' This Season Are
"True Blood" is nearing the end of its seventh and final season, and our favorite characters from Bon Temps are going through a lot of changes.

Several characters have died, including Sookie's best friend Tara and her boyfriend Alicide.

Almost immediately after the werewolf's death, Sookie gets back in the saddle with vampire Bill, who is losing his battle with Hep V, which he caught from his on-again lover. But there's hope - Sarah, a.k.a Newme, is the antidote.

Arlene, who was never a fang banger, hooks up (kind of) with a vampire after being held captive by a group of Hep V-positive v...

'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: Beautiful Friendships

8/11/2014 4:15pm EDT
'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: Beautiful Friendships
Previously - Violet imprisoned Wade and Adilyn. Pam, Eric, and the Yakua cornered Sarah Newlin. Sookie and Bill reunited and made love. Jason was hot.

Crazy lady Sarah NEWLIN is cowering in her former cult compound when Eric Northman comes a’looking for her. Her realization that she is about to die is confirmed by another Jason STACK HOUSE hallucination. He’s wearing some really tight jeans and they’re highly flattering, If that’s death, sign my ass up. Sarah surrenders outside and Eric quickly goes to murder her. Pam’s threat to put a bullet into herself halts Eric’s murderous progress. S...

'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: Vampire Jenny Craig

8/4/2014 9:29pm EDT
'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: Vampire Jenny Craig
Previously - Jessica spilled the tea on Bill having the Hep-V to Sookie. Violet planned to use Adilyn and Wade to avenge Jason’s betrayal. Sarah Newlin (aka "Newme") appears to be the cure for Hep-V.

I feel like True Blood is winding down (or up) in a satisfactory fashion. Showrunner Brian Buckner and his writing team swore up and down that this final season would be all about Bon Temps, and they seem to have been telling the truth. The only glaring mistake this season (well, besides those endless, ponderous Vampire Bill Compton’s origin flashbacks which damn well better have a point) is c...

Carrie Preston On Her 'True Blood' Experience: 'It's Been A Great Ride'

8/3/2014 12:03pm EDT
Carrie Preston
The lovely and multi-talented Carrie Preston has accomplished a lot since she first took on the role of Arlene Fowler on HBO's True Blood. She's directed feature films, won an Emmy Award for her work on The Good Wife, and created some memorable characters. We checked in with Carrie last week to talk about how True Blood has shaped her enviable career and what could possibly happen next.

When we connected, she'd just come back from appearing with her cast at San Diego Comic-Con, where True Blood once again commanded a huge audience. "I'd never been. It was a great way to go in and go out," ...

'True Blood' Star 'Had Fun' Making Sarah Palin Angry

7/29/2014 8:56am EDT
'True Blood' Star 'Had Fun' Making Sarah Palin Angry
"True Blood" star Kristen Bauer van Straten, who plays vampire Pam, got a kick out of making Republican Sarah Palin angry over the show's portrayal of conservative women.

In a recent episode, Pam attends an event in honor of Sen. Ted Cruz and calls the guests "a--holes" while looking at her glamorous self in the mirror and labeling herself a "Republic--t."

Cruz called the episode "misogynist and profanity-ridden." Palin said she refused to do a cameo on the show, and HBO confirmed it had asked her to appear in it. Palin then slammed the program for insulting conservative women, according...

'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Meet Newme

7/29/2014 6:15am EDT
True Blood Bill
Previously - Sookie was the reluctant hostess of a “We Saved Arlene, Holly, That Drunk Broad & Sam’s Baby Mama!” party. Jessica got over finding her boyfriend James and Lafayette boning in the back of their SUV by boning Jason. Eric caught up with Sarah Newlin. Bill discovered he’s got Hep-V.

We’re vamp-speeding closer and closer to the finale and the storylines may be slightly lame but they’re trying their best. They really are. Hey, there’s no rapist were-panthers, women duct-taped to toilets, or Christopher Meloni staking children. They’re trying!

Eric’s weak with the Hep-V but that do...

'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To

7/21/2014 3:46pm EDT
'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: It's My Party And I'll Di
Previously - The good guys threw down with the Hep-Vs and rescued Arlene and the others. Pam reminisced with Eric about the founding of Fangtasia and how Ginger was more involved in it than we ever knew!

Pam and Eric are having some issues with their pouty daughter Willa, who is NOT going with them to track down and kill Sarah Newlin. Even though the polar ice cap sexy that is Eric Northman made her into vamp, he certainly didn’t stick around to raise her. On the contrary, she looked upon Tara her vampire momma. She castigates Eric for leaving her, and Pam for leaving Tara. If you guessed ...

'True Blood': Bailey Noble On Saying Goodbye To Adilyn Bellefleur

7/13/2014 2:00pm EDT
'True Blood': Bailey Noble On Saying Goodbye To Adilyn Bellefleu
Life hasn't been very easy for Adilyn Bellefleur, but Bailey Noble is enjoying her time playing Adilyn on HBO's hit series True Blood. With the seventh and final season of the show underway, we caught up with Bailey last week to talk about her promotion to series regular status and how difficult it is for her not to tell anyone what's really going on in Bon Temps.

"I'm not quite ready for it to be over yet!" laughed the actress, who joined True Blood in a recurring capacity last season. "I want to spend more time with [Adilyn]. When the show's done, she's done."

And hopefully not 'done' a...

'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: Mourning A Beloved Character

7/7/2014 9:18am EDT
'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: Mourning A Beloved Charac
Previously - Bon Temps is a big ole’ mess. Famished vampires dying of the Hep-V virus have kidnapped several of Bon Temps favorite citizens (and Sam’s baby mama who isn’t Luna) to eat. The remaining citizens have formed a lynch mob looking to roust or kill the supernatural Americans in their midst. Pam finally found Eric in France and was horrified to discover he’s contracted Hep-V.

The Meat -

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Sarah Newlin is back. Anna Camp is a delightful actress and her portrayal of the nutty power-mad vamp hater was one of the few high points of l...

'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Pizza Forensics

6/30/2014 8:33am EDT
'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Pizza Forensics
Previously - A slew of Hep-V infected vamps attacked the 1st Annual Bon Temps Vampires/Humans Mixer. In a prime example of aiming for Yoko and hitting John, Tara was killed protecting Lettie Mae. Arlene, Holly, that drunk broad who hangs around in the background, and Sam’s pregnant lady (they should totally name the baby Luna) were taken to Fangtasia to act as groceries. Adilyn fed off Jessica and invited her in despite Jess having nixed her three sisters. Pam is searching the world for Eric.

It’s gotta be the last season of True Blood, because this week’s episode opens with the fan servic...

'True Blood' Premiere Recap: The Party's Over

6/23/2014 8:20am EDT
'True Blood' Premiere Recap: The Party's Over
Well, that got things off to a rollicking start. Oh hai! This is the first True Blood Season 7 recap. Warm up your True Blood (you did stockpile some before the Hep V contamination, right?) in the microwave, have a seat, and allow me to fill you in on the salient points of this evening’s goings-on in Bon Temps.

Previously in Season 6 - A whole bunch of silliness happened. Bill became a vampire god and annoyed everyone. Eric made the evil governor’s daughter into a vamp. Jason met a really-old vampiress with boundary issues. Jessica ate most of Andy’s insta-aged fairy daughters (don’t ask) ...

Anna Paquin Photographed Nude In A Coffin With Husband Stephen Moyer

6/22/2014 11:59pm EDT
Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin
True Blood stars and real life husband and wife Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer share the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Paquin posed nude lying in a coffin next to her clothed husband, in character as the show's bloodsucker Bill Compton.

Moyer, who directed the premiere episode of the show's seventh and final season, had to direct his wife in a scene with co-star Joe Manganiello and instead of finding the situation awkward, he embraced it.

"There are moments where I'll be watching the monitor (and say), 'Oh, Joe, just move your hand up towards Anna's breast. And can yo...

Our 10 Favorite Characters From 'True Blood'

6/21/2014 5:04pm EDT
True Blood
Well, MY 10 favorite characters from True Blood. I just needed my post title to sound definitive. My views aren't necessarily those of other Starpulsians but since I'm recapping Season 7 of True Blood, it's my say-so! I'm drunk with power. I'ts like I'm high on V or I'm Bill when he was Billith! With the show's seventh and final season premiering on Sunday, it's time to take a look back at the vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves, and plain ole' human residents of Bon Temps that have taken a big bite out of our hearts.

Note - this post contains a vampload of spoilers for every season of Tr...

'True Blood' Heading To Broadway As A Musical?

6/19/2014 4:32pm EDT
True Blood
A stage musical based on hit HBO series True Blood is in the works, and series star Stephen Moyer is one of the men behind the adaptation.

Moyer joined with composer Nathan Barr with the hopes of bringing "True Blood" to Broadway, and the two already have some of the music written, but first the adaptation must be greenlit by HBO.

Despite proving his chops musically last fall in NBC's live telecast of "The Sound of Music," Moyer says he won't be reprising his role as vampire Bill Compton if the musical concept becomes a reality.

“Working in Broadway is tough and we (Moyer and wife/co-sta...

5 Reasons 'True Blood' Should Have Been Staked Sooner

6/18/2014 4:00pm EDT
5 Reasons 'True Blood' Should Have Been Staked Sooner
The seventh and final season of True Blood premieres Sunday night (6/22) and it's the beginning of the end for plucky telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and her merry band of dysfunctional supernaturals. True Blood is a perfect example of a show that started out wham-bam awesome right off the bat but then *sound of car crashing*. What went wrong? Could anything have been done to save it? Personally, I blame werewolves but here's some other reasons True Blood ran cold way before it's death date.

(Note: There's still a lot of positives with True Blood. It's often one of the ...

New Photos: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer & More At The 'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere, Plus Lots More!

6/18/2014 10:33am EDT
New Photos: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer & More At The 'True Blood
Anna Paquin and husband Stephen Moyer joined all of their co-stars on the blood-red carpet outside the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood for the premiere of the final season of hit HBO series True Blood.

The couple were joined by the likes of Rutina Wesley, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Joe Manganiello, Sam Trammell and Ryan Kwanten

Want more? Head over to our PHOTOS page to see all the latest event galleries, slideshows and features, including a very busty J. Lo bikini selfie!

Note: new photos are sometimes added throughout the day and the image that got you here may not be first. It's in...
READ MORE Bringing A Slew Of HBO Classics Like 'The Sopranos' And 'Deadwood' To Prime Streaming Service

4/23/2014 6:03pm EDT
The Sopranos announced a new deal with HBO that will bring several of the pay-TV network's shows to the company's Prime streaming video service.

The online marketplace will add unlimited streaming of past series like The Sopranos, Deadwood, Rome and The Wire along with select seasons of shows like True Blood and Boardwalk Empire.

The exclusive deal will make available seasons of HBO shows that are at least three years old and also includes a wealth of other material such as miniseries ("Band of Brothers," "John Adams"), original movies ("Too Big To Fail," "You Don't Know Jack"), documentari...

'There's No One Left' - First Teaser For Seventh And Final Season Of 'True Blood' Released

4/21/2014 8:01pm EDT
True Blood
"There's no one left," says Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) at the end of the first trailer for the forthcoming seventh and final season of HBO's hit vampire drama True Blood.

The new trailer hit the airwaves during Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones and promises lots of action in the citizens of Bon Temps, Louisiana's last stand against the undead.

"There was an attack at the church tonight. They're saying it was the sick vampires, that they came out of the dark — another ambush," Sookie says. "How can this be happening in this country, in this day and age," Sookie wonders. "That ...

HBO Vampire Drama 'True Blood' To End After Seventh Season

9/4/2013 2:21pm EDT
True Blood
HBO's hit vampire drama True Blood is set to come to an end following its seventh season, the network confirmed on Tuesday.

The show, which stars real-life couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, began in 2008 and has, *ahem*, killed it in the ratings for the pay TV network.

"True Blood has been nothing short of a defining show for HBO," said Michael Lombardo, HBO's head of programming. "(Creator) Alan Ball took the books by Charlaine Harris, assembled a brilliant cast led by the magnificent Anna Paquin in the role of Sookie Stackhouse, and crafted a show that has taken its many devoted fan...

The Morning Roundup: Katie Couric Engaged, 'Fifty Shades' Fans Angry, 'True Blood' Ending In 2014 & Gisele Sings!

9/4/2013 9:53am EDT
Katie Couric
Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she'll be returning to the judge's panel on "American Idol" alongside Harry Connick Jr. and last season's lone holdout Keith Urban. J. Lo's boyfriend Casper Smart leaked the news a month ago, and on Tuesday Jenny from the block told Idol host Ryan Seacrest that she'll be back. (story)

Katie Couric is engaged to marry for the second time. The newswoman was blindsided by her financier boyfriend John Molner over the weekend when he surprised her with a sunset proposal on a beach in East Hampton, New York. They've been together for two years. Katie's first hus...

Alexander Skarsgard Goes Full-Frontal In 'True Blood' Season 6 Finale Nude Scene

8/20/2013 12:15pm EDT
Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgard left nothing to the imagination in a full-frontal nude scene during Sunday night's True Blood season six finale.

(Spoiler Alert!) The scene came as Skarsgard's vampire character Eric Northman sunbathed nude on a lounge chair on a snowy Swedish mountaintop while reading a book, when he suddenly bursts into flames, getting up to run for shelter from the sun -- revealing both his manhood and his apparent demise as he exits the camera frame burning.

Rumors of a major character getting killed off have been around all season, but it was another character's demise that spelle...

A.M. Roundup: Chris Brown Cancels Canadian Shows, 'True Blood' Recap, Demi Lovato Joins 'Glee'

8/20/2013 10:36am EDT
Chris Brown
Chris Brown has pulled out of a string of concerts in Canada after his recent health scare. The star suffered from a non-epileptic seizure (NES) earlier this month because of all the recent stress in his life from court cases and backlash from the press. (story)

Lady Gaga dropped the video for her new single, "Applause", on Monday -- her first promo in over two years. The new video is a hot mess, with lots of flashing lights, and a very scantily-clad Mother Monster gyrating throughout. (watch it here)

Demi Lovato is heading back to TV. The actress will join the cast of hit FOX show "Glee"...

A.M. Roundup: Alexander Skarsgard Gets Naked In 'True Blood' Finale, Lohan Talks Rehab, 'Butler' Tops Box Office

8/19/2013 10:41am EDT
True Blood
"Lee Daniels' The Butler" has topped the weekend box office, pulling in nearly twice as much as superhero flick "Kick-Ass 2" and almost four times as much as Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs biopic "Jobs". Daniels' chronicle of the civil rights movement in America pulled in $25 million for its opening weekend, while the "Kick-Ass" sequel failed to cover half of its $28 million budget, pulling in a dismal $13.5 mil and landing at number four. "Jobs" opened in seventh place with just $6.7 million in ticket sales. (story)

The "True Blood" season six finale was a doozy. Check out the full breakdown...

'True Blood' Season 6 Finale Review And Musing

8/19/2013 9:54am EDT
True Blood
Well, I feel vindicated that Warlow really was as pathetic as I always believed. There wasn’t much closure in this episode. It felt more like a penultimate episode, not a finale. Overall, this season was entertaining but without the cohesion of a good ending, it couldn’t truly be as great as it set out to be.

And as much as I love a time jump, you have to set up interesting and compelling storylines to make it worth tuning into another season. Is Jason’s quest to have sex with Violet compelling? How about Sookie’s boring relationship with Alcide? Jessica’s watchful eye over Andy’s kin? Tar...

'True Blood' Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: 'Life Matters'

8/12/2013 12:03pm EDT
True Blood
This would have been a great, action packed episode without the unnecessary flashbacks and funeral scenes. They did their part to completely kill the tension. If the funeral had been in any other episode, it would have been really emotional, but it was too back and forth. I definitely preferred the scenes filled with tension. The vampire and fairy storylines this season have been so great, but everything else bogs down the show.

Here are some bullet point observations from last night's "True Blood" episode:

• Great line in the first scene, I love when Sookie swears.
• Sookie takes a ...

'True Blood' Musings: Episode 'Don't You Feel Me'

7/21/2013 10:05pm EDT
True Blood
Last night’s "True Blood" episode was promoted as the big death episode. If you saw the last episode, you might have been able to easily guess what was going to happen. It definitely didn’t feel like the “big” death. That makes me think that we have something huge coming up in the next episode. Anyway on to this episode…

Last week’s episode ended with the possessed Lafayette trying to kill Sookie. Predictably it took less than ten seconds before she was saved by a vampire, so much progress undone in seconds. Warlow called Sookie “my love.” You’ve spent literally a few hours together, cool ...

'True Blood' Season 6 Recap: So Far, So Bad

7/1/2013 11:59am EDT
True Blood
There’s a point in every season of “True Blood” where the show goes from silly fun to something… bothersome. I’ve been an avid viewer since season 1, but haven’t enjoyed the show since about midway through season 3, when I realized the “fun” I thought I was having was more of a prolonged sense of awe. “True Blood” is a show where things happen and happen and happen, but nothing ever matters – for the characters or the viewers.

Take for instance my one-time favorite aspect of the series: Jessica and Hoyt. Their romance was truly riveting: a baby vampire with a wild side who was robbed her i...